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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome???

I was reading some things over at  Mormon Mommy Blogs  and was relating to something a lady was saying about her hubby and his sleep patterns. He has   Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome   and it seems like this may be what my problem is. Rich is very patient and just does his thing when I sleep.  I am lucky enough to have some flexibility in my mornings with Rich being retired. Although, sometimes I'm STILL awake when it's time to get them off. Rich is naturally early to bed and early to rise. I'm jealous. He is practically asleep before hitting the pillow!

My biggest problem is other people and how they judge it. The harder I try to be NORMAL, the further OFF it seems to GET. I can do what I have to do in the morning when necessary... I just DON'T SLEEP that day. I thought it was related to the bipolar; who knows, maybe it is... However, this is something to discuss with the doc, perhaps... I don't think I could do the "Light Therapy" with the headaches/migraines, though. Oh WOW!! I DRIVE ME CRAZY!!  ;p

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CrystalsCozyKitchen said...

When I read your comment, I had to come let you know some more (long comment ahead!)... My husband had a sleep study where he didn't really sleep, so we went to a psychologist who specializes in sleep. At first we were referred to someone else, but ended up seeing this other person (which was a blessing since she specializes in DSPD.) She had him track his sleep patterns for 3 weeks. He tracked when he went to bed, what time lights went out, and how long between when he turned the lights out and fell asleep. How many night time wakings he had (he filled this out in the morning so it wouldn't disrupt his sleep) and how long each one was (estimated of course.) When he took any medications, any naps he took and how long they were. Also when he woke up in the morning, what time he got out of bed (it would sometimes take him a long time to get out of bed. A 1-5 scale of sleep quality and how rested he felt when he woke up.

Once she looked at this she figured out what time his body wanted to sleep and for 1 week (or 2 I can't quite remember) he would go to sleep at 4Am, and wake up 9 hours later, go out into the sun for 1 hour (we were lucky it was summer.) After that every other day he would shift back 30 minutes - so it was 3:30 to 12:30, 3:00 to 12:00 (noon)... etc until we found a good time (for us it was 10:30. For 2 hours before he went to sleep he had to be in low lights, no computer, tv is okay because you are not as close to it, and participate in non engaging activities. We ended up getting him a light box to help once fall came and it got too cold to go outside.

Of course there are a number of different sleep disorders, and only a sleep specialist can accurately diagnose each person. I would suggest going to see one if you can (I understand location, insurance issues, etc can inhibit it, we were lucky to be able to see one during the 2 years we had great insurance.) If you did end up having this, they may be able to work with you for light therapy, I'm not sure.

Good Luck, sleep issues are NOT fun.

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