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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have a friend/neighbor who's little black min pin got out of her yard through a gap in the fence yesterday due to someone else's negligence. The night before they had put her collar with the ID tags on the counter, so it wasn't on the dog. She and her family searched all day and didn't find her. OF COURSE it HAD to SNOW AGAIN through the night. HELLO! It's APRIL 13!! Can we PLEASE move on to the next SEASON!! *sigh*

KNOWING how I would be if it was one of my precious pups, I KNEW she MUST be FRANTIC!! So I hoped I could do something constructive with my insomnia. She had posted a photo on Facebook. (to the left... Speedy is the one on the right.) I gathered from the conversations there information I could use to create a flyer that could be posted on the mailboxes and local spots in hopes that someone has information. I pulled the image into Photoshop and did what I do!! Took the other dog out, sharpened the image slightly, put the information and a border around it. I printed 2 to a sheet of card-stock x10 to give her 20 to start. I'll gladly print more if she needs them!!! My prayers are with them and the safe return of their beloved pet!!

So WHY are our pets so important??? Well, for some people they are part of the family! That's how I consider mine. Mind you, there are members of our extended family that DON'T understand that. I can honestly say that MINE are a blessing to me and I know they improve my mental well-being. Call me kookie... WHATEVER!!! They are where I find unconditional love, acceptance, and devotion that DOES NOT come from ANYWHERE ELSE! I swear Jazzi can sense my moods. When I am down, she is by my side and trying to cheer me up. I would be FRANTIC if I couldn't find one of them! I know that Jake's time is short. He keeps trying to die on me... So I am trying to be prepared for when it REALLY happens. Though I know, it won't be easy.  *sniff*

I can't help but think of an incident that happened at Christmas when my sister came to visit with her family and their new dog. They had just adopted this adorable long haired dachshund/border collie mix pup. This pup is a little older but hadn't been trained by the previous owner. He ALSO was in the process of adjusting to a new family. And here they were at MY HOUSE... INSIDE... When our adult daughter came over they took a little longer coming in the door with a car seat and all... My sister and her husband saw Tucker (the dog) bolting for the door and yelled, "CLOSE THE DOOR!!" Well, those coming through the door didn't have a clue what was happening and it didn't quite register fast enough and OUT he RAN!! AND he RAN!! I took off in socks in the snow... Followed by my BAREFOOTED 13 yr old niece. She was FASTER than ME... Tucker was FASTER than HER!! She figured he'd wear out and kept running... There were some people walking and they had a dog with them that distracted Tucker. My initial thought was "Thank GOODNESS! I'm sure they'll help her!" Of course they're WAY down the street! Most of those walking just kept going and had said some things, then one of the kids seemed to try to block him off a little and FINALLY she was able to get him and return. FEET FROZEN and tears in her eyes and ROSY RED cheeks, she was clearly UPSET! Apparently they were telling her that she should have that dog on a leash and people that won't take care of their dogs shouldn't get them!  *Heart SINKS!*  WHAT the %^&(* were they THINKING??? That a young girl LIKES RUNNING around an unfamiliar neighborhood BAREFOOT in the SNOW??? SHE was the only one FAST enough to get out that door fast enough to have a CHANCE tat catching him and they totally RUINED her holiday! I WISH I KNEW WHO it was !!! I'd have probably gone ballistic on them! SO... I'll consider it a BLESSING that I don't know... So I didn't do or say something I'd later regret. But I was embarrassed for them being in my neighborhood. This is a sweet young gal that does good service to others. She just made Student Body PRESIDENT at her Jr High School. She was treated badly and scolded over something that she had NO FAULT in and was trying to HELP. I am so glad we were able to get Tucker back! They have been working with him and he's much better trained now. My sister now understands the connection I have with my dogs because that is the kind of bond she's getting with Tucker. I am grateful!

My prayer is for SPEEDY to be recovered to her loving family. The circumstances of Speedy getting out was not from their negligence and they miss her terribly! I totally UNDERSTAND that bond and THAT is why I felt compelled to help. I hope that someone saw her running about and could tell that she is well taken care of and loved... was able to get her to come and just didn't know who to call due to the missing collar. I know I have done that before and will watch for a flyer, call the shelter to see if anyone was looking, go to a local vet and have them scanned for a microchip, and put a notice in the paper. I know that the weather was a BIG concern for the family.

I don't know that ANYONE will read this... but if you DO and live in my neighborhood, please keep an eye out and spread the word!! Help Speedy get back home!

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Holly said...

Our story here FINALLY has a HAPPY ENDING!! ;D

Megan had seen SPEEDY and recognized her from my MILLION POSTS on FB! ;p Here's her post to me on Wednesday:
Megan: I saw speedy today!! I was driving down 2700 to the roundabout and I jumped out of the car and called offering a cookie and a car came and speedy ran off..... I was so sad.
April 13 at 11:50pm

So we were all sad that didn't work out. As the week progressed and we hadn't heard anything, I was really starting to worry... Here's my post tonight to Chalyce:
Any news on the SPEEDY homefront?? (((HUGS))) ♥
Yesterday at 5:33pm · Comment · Like · See Wall-to-Wall

Chalyce: Just now .. thanks to your FLIER!!!!!! Someone cornered her in their yard and called us, just ten minutes ago!! I hurried my little but down there and there was a group of ten people that had cornered her. It took her about twenty seconds to respond to me, but then all excitement took over! She's home!!! Yay!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

Holly: I am SOOOOOooooo... HAPPY!!!! Congrats!!

And then she posted this to her status: Well, Speedy's five day adventure is over! She was a little over a mile from home, but some school kids saw our flier (thank you so much Holly!!) and knew someone was missing her!! Yay!!!!!!!! Life can go back to normal now. :)

Now for brainstorming. I know you're all sick of hearing about my dog, so this is the last time. We had a nice reward for the person that found my dog, but now it needs to be split between four families. (Yes, it took four "families" to catch her ... she's THAT fast. Hence the name. Plus it's really cool to have a dog that's named after that crazy fast little cartoon mouse!) Any really neat ideas??
So I am TRULY delighted that our story has a HAPPY ENDING!! =D

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