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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wall Written has my wheels turning...

OK, I've been playing with their design & custom tools at their site and it's SO EASY!! I am getting ready to place an order, but still can't narrow it down enough. I guess I'll have to slow down and take it 1... ok... maybe 3  ;p  steps at a time! HAH!! I'm going to post some of my inner thoughts and if anyone reads this and cares to give me your opinions... I'm open to that, for SURE!  ;D

OK, my BIG IDEA... that I have to figure out WHERE it would go exactly... possibly the wall downstairs that isn't FINISHED yet... so that will give me a LITTLE time.  ;D  Hubby is BIG into FAMILY HISTORY! He has THOUSANDS of photos and they go back over a hundred years. And just between US, yours. mine, & ours make 10 kids and now 17 grandkids!! How cool would it be to have a WHOLE wall organized of family history images past to present and have THIS as the background???

So a little about this... LOL!! The tree is totally something she has predesigned and available. You can choose the color of the wall (to get an idea how it would look on YOUR wall) the color of the tree, and the color of the bird. (You can do this with all her predesigned items, you can EVEN create your OWN statement with color and font) The statement ABOVE is one that I would CREATE. 
(I'm the NUT... but I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm the only one... ;p  LOL!! ) 

This one I just chose the colors, but I want to see if she would alter it for me. (I just KNOW she WILL!) I want it to say, "I've held them in my arms." on the lower part There's a niche above our piano that has a collage of our granddaughter that passed away from NALD in 2007. I want to put the saying above the niche. Our grandson has the same disease and won't be with us long, but he seems to be doing so GOOD!! The collage will be recreated with images of both of these sweethearts. If our daughter likes it, I'll order one for her in the colors she likes... So this will be on hold for a little bit, too.

This one I want ON my headboard.  ;D  It's a maple, so the background color isn't quite right, but it gave a bit of an idea.

THIS is a MUST have for an area by our table!! We have a son that is SUCH a PICKY eater!! LOL!!

This one I want above our front door!  ;D

This one is for my hubby! He is my anchor, my TRUE NORTH, my HERO!! I want to put this above the towel ring to the side of his sink in our bathroom. He like lighthouses and nautical decorations, so this will coordinate with that.

This would be for ME on the wall above our jetted tub. Sometimes I need an escape... This seems like a perfect place.  ;D

Another one I LOVE and in MY colors!!  ;p  Haven't decided which spot this will go in for SURE yet, but there's many options!  ;D  ...and I'm still trying to LEARN... maybe this will help!

We have family photos GALORE!! I bought these black collage frames at Christmastime and STILL haven't gotten things organized and UP!! *sigh* I'm a MASTER PROCRASTINATOR... I DO think this would be a perfect saying to put in the middle or above them!

This one my 12 yr old swears he will want on his wall forever more. WE sahll SEE... He currently has a Spiderman theme. Even when he does away with the quilt and Spiderman clings around it, I think this is a GREAT statement!! ;D

...and BOTH of these would be great for my 11 yr old...
He LOVES to READ and he CAN be quite mischievous at times. ;p
(Imagine THAT! Mischief in an 11 yr old BOY!)
I'm thinking this one would make an AWESOME wedding gift!!

Now when I start thinking of GRANDKIDS... WOW!!! I think I better limit this for the moment... but BELIEVE ME... my wheels have turned PLENTY in that direction, TOO!!  =D

So.... WHAT do YOU think???

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Nett said...

I like all very much! How fun is this going to be?

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