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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wall Written has some CUTE STUFF!!

Emily is the designer for Wall Written and truly has some adorable designs! I have  linked her website in the links and her blog on the blog roll in the left column so they are always easily found. 
On her blog she sometimes does a contest giving away some of her cute designs!
This week there's actually 2 designs. The first and favorite to me is this:

My bipolar leans towards depression, which represents rain to me... However, I have to admit, I LOVE overcast and rainy days... Go figure.. ;p  Probably because of the headaches/migraines the bright light triggers...  But I'm always trying to function the best I can and do the things that need to be done to continue being a productive person. Some days are harder than others. So I know there will always be a storm around the corner or I'm in the middle of it... So I just have to continue to do the best I can with the support of a sweet and patient husband and the love and atonement of Christ.

Here is the other one, which I do like a lot, too! I've been doing a LOT more casseroles since hubby got me an AWESOME Corelle set for  Christmas. (THAT and throw in some SWEET things I got from Pampered Chef... WALLA... I'm cooking more again!...) These casseroles have been turning out pretty GREAT!! Even my 12 yr old eats most of them!! WOW!! THAT's saying SOMETHING! Some days I don't have all the right ingredients for a recipe, so I just start throwing things together that seem like they might work. The boys kind of laugh at me on these days. But one time it was so good that they keep asking for THAT ONE AGAIN and I can't remember WHAT I DID!! LOL!! So maybe I should do it more often, but write down the adjustments along the way JUST in case it turns out SPECTACULAR!! Hehehe!!  ;D

This week's is coming to an end, but have no FEAR, There will be more to come, I'm sure!  =D
Also, check out her website: Wall Written
She does a contest for customers that send it pictures of the finished products on their walls, too!

There is also a giveaway at Bargain Divas for a $50 giveaway to Wall Written that ends MONDAY! AWSOMENESS!!!  ((((HUGS)))

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Holly said...

Winners Announced on Wall Written

WOOHOO!!! I WON the kitchen one! How COOL is THAT??? So I guess NOW I have to paint the section behind the stove so it will show up! LOL!! I'm thinking burgundy... like my DARK RED APPLES!! ;D HEY! Little ACCENT walls are ADORABLE!! ;D I'll post a pic when the project is done! (((HUGS)))

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