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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weight Loss Roller-coaster... but I DO have the KNOWLEDGE... *sigh*

I've learned a LOT about this... I have worked with nutritionists in the past and have studied a LOT...  NOT that anyone would have a CLUE to LOOK at me... UGH! Genetics is NOT on my side HERE!! (The meds I take don't help, either...) But my motivation here ALSO CYCLES!! I should die of heart failure within the next decade at the rate I'm going... I reserve myself to the fact that maintaining where I am would be healthier than the yo yoing I put my body through... Then I get disgusted and mega motivated (aka OBSESSED) and go nutso in what I THINK AT THE TIME IS THE RIGHT DIRECTION... (perhaps it WOULD be if I actually made it a LIFELONG change... which is ALWAYS the intention at the moment...), that goes for a period of time until I get distracted and figure I'll get back on track after XXX... Then I get overwhelmed with how fast everything I was working towards gets undone and just GIVE up... Then I go back to the idea of maintaining... & the vicious cycle repeats... *sigh*


You HAVE to speed up your metabolism. You have to eat healthy & MOVE your body... 

~It is better to eat 6 small meals than 3 BIG ones... 

~DRINK LOTS of WATER!! 64 oz a day MINIMUM!! DROP the soda/carbonation! EXCLAMATION MARK!  ;p

~Here is my favorite place to track EVERYTHING when I'm in the "ON" mode... SparkPeople
They have great tips & recipes too! The recipes have all the nutritional information you need to keep track and you can tell if they're good by the comments and ratings. I haven't made anything from there we don't like YET.  ;D   Use their meal & activity trackers & you'll notice a BIG difference.  If you have any questions about navigating the site, just comment below and I'll get back to you.  <3   BTW, this site is TOTALLY FREE!

~Skipping meals and/or hardly eating puts your body in starvation mode and makes it want to hold on to everything, making your body expend energy from current sources instead of fat. So if you want to break into the fat storage, eat something healthy as a snack between meals. Space your meals/snacks somewhat evenly. Pay attention to Fat, Calories, Protein, & Carbs...  DON'T skip meals or eat LESS than is recommended. That is frequently where people shoot themselves in the foot. ;D

~Get more ACTIVE! Simple things make a BIG difference! Park further away, take the stairs... Find ways of working out that you can enjoy so you'll stick with it... ;D

You DON'T have to join a gym!! I have a GAZELLE TRAINER & I got mine through KSL.com real reasonable. It's great for keeping going for longer periods of time... like while watching a show... ;D Then I also have a ball & resistance bands... & little dumbells for strength training. I also have TONS of workout DVDs. If you live close, you're welcome to borrow some now and again!  I also have an AbLounge... Don't waste your money on that one, it's kind of useless... ;p

So, posting this again makes me feel kind of crappy... KNOWING the things I need to do and NOT doing them for the last few MONTHS... I have regained half of what I worked so hard to lose! It comes off SLOW, but returns with a VENGEANCE!!!

Hope this is helpful to someone!! Go to that CLICK and join SparkPeople !! (Just click on the word and it will take you there!) And click recipes for the great section on that!! And there's even an AWESOME recipe calculator that you can enter your owns recipe to get the nutrition information!!  You CAN'T go wrong!! They give you all the tools there for FREE that others make you pay a fortune for.  =D

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