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Friday, May 7, 2010

May Birthday BONANZA... and OTHER STUFF...

NO! Not MY birthday!! But SO MANY in our family and friends!!!

Yesterday we had a daughter turn a quarter of a CENTURY!! LOL!!
Then we have a son-in-law that is one year younger than her... NOT married to HER... but the younger sister/my oldest biological child.  ;p
ALSO, my cousin that I'm CLOSEST to.  ;D
Oh, and I have a friend on the 6th, too!!

TODAY one of our adorable granddaughters turns 8 and our niece's daughter has her big DAY today, too!!

TOMORROW we have a cute granddaughter turning 13!!
AND our grandson turns TWO!! WHICH is already a miracle since they SAID he would only live 6-16 months... HE SHOWED THEM!!! WHO are THEY??? He's doing good, too!! Go VINCENT, GO VINCENT!!! Prove'em WRONG!! Oh YEAH!! (This is a cheer style CHANT, BTW!!)

My sister-in-law is in a week...
Our 2nd oldest is towards the end of the month.
So's my EX, but HE doesn't count anymore.  ;p

Our youngest 2 are off track right now...
Hubby is going to SoCal to help #5child/#3 son fix up his first home and bring his sister to a reunion.
THEN I am going to help my aunt in TX for a week. She is in stage 4 cancer and starting chemo on the 12th.  :(
Please pray for me to keep it together... if ONLY I could bring my Jazzi-girl!! (That would be my dog that people just don't understand how much I RELY on her for my well-being...)
THEN I'll be going to the Casual Blogger Conference and staying overnight at our daughter's (whose birthday was yesterday, who is ALSO mom to the adorable miracle baby...)

So I guess it's a memorial month, too... Not just Memorial Day... but hubby's 1st wife passed away of brain cancer on the 4th of May in '97... Yeah.. trying to live up to her is NOT possible for the likes of ME... *sigh*

THEN it's MOTHER"S DAY... OK, THAT WILL BE a whole NEW WILD POST... In case you can't tell, it's NOT my favorite holiday... usually sends me into a mega depression... that I have to try to hide and smile and fake happy...

I'm afraid this will be a roller coaster month. Pray for me to ENDURE it WELL...  (((HUGS)))

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