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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day... Take Time to Reflect

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY??? Is this really a JOYOUS holiday??? I guess it depends on your perspective of the day and what memories are invoked... and the mood... and activities planned...  WOW!! Why does EVERYTHING with ME HINGE on SO MANY THINGS??? LOL!!
Hubby shot this of our home this morning.  ;D
There are those that just see it as a DAY OFF, the opportunity for camping or whatever they DO with a 3 day weekend... Some only see it as a time to remember FALLEN soldiers... Some reflect on loved ones that are no longer with us... So can I take the soldier one a step further to revere all the servicemen who have ever served my country honorably, in essence protecting MY FREEDOM, rights and way of life! I feel that it's OK to do something FUN with your family and friends, but there should be sometime you put aside to reflect... AND a soldier shouldn't have to have LOST their LIFE to be honored. When they signed that contract, they AGREED to protect even IF it cost their LIFE. So they should be honored regardless for their willingness.With these minor adjustments, is OK for me to check "All of the Above"?

My husband, father, grandfather, and many brothers-in-law have served our country with honor! My grandfather, father, and many brothers-in-law are no longer with us.

I choose to also reflect how GRATEFUL I AM that I HAVE my husband; who is my HERO, solid ground, TRUE NORTH... Thank you, GOD, for the blessing that IS my BETTER HALF!!

I also reflect on loved ones I've lost in addition to the ones above: ALL of my grandparents, as well as hubby's parents (and obviously their siblings and ancestors...), my uncle, hubby's first wife's parents were dear (& I can't help but reflect some on her, having left this world too soon of cancer at only 48... although I never met her in person...), several friends, some beloved pets (YES!! THEY DO BELONG HERE... * ;p *), and a precious grand-daughter. *sniff*

I pray you all have wonderful and love filled memories... and a safe day having FUN with your friends and family!  (((HUGS)))

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