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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Christian & Stephanie Nielson - Mindy Gledhill @CBC`10

The original newscast:

Their Story:

Part 2: Christian's Thank You:

The Today Show a couple months after accident:

Mormon Messages: My New Life

WOW!!! Hope you had a tissue when you watched these!! It really puts things in perspective!! Stephanie and her family, and ALL the people that rallied around them during their time of need are SUCH an INSPIRATION!!

I absolutely LOVE how Mormon Messages put this together!

Pay attention also to the music in the background!! THIS is Mindy Gledhill! She went to school with Stephanie and wrote this song for her! She was also a part of a benefit concert for her.  I was introduced to her beautiful music at the CBC`10 conference. We got to here all of her new songs (This song was one of them) that she just recorded for her newest album, ANCHOR, to be released August 4! I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to it's release!! There wasn't one of those songs that didn't speak to me in some way!! I will have to do a post on favorites with links!! However, it TECHNICALLY IS SUNDAY, now, so I'll try to keep this on a spiritual mode. She has sung gospel songs for years.

This one is Child of Light from EFY 2004:

This is Be Thou an Example for EFY 2009:

Emma: Joseph Smith Tribute:

Keeper of the Faith:

A Little More Like Thee:

And this one doesn't go too far off the path, but is one that seems to just SPEAK to ME!! Actually, there were several that do. Maybe that's why I LOVE her music so much!! If you pay attention to the words if you want to understand me and my brain a bit more... I am SO BLESSED to have a husband that seems to have the patience to encompass all that I am... and I LOVE HIM!

Feather in the Wind:

I will post more about the conference... but being the sabbath, I was hopeful to uplift and inspire a bit, the way I felt leaving the conference. It was NOT a waste of money or time... and blogging and inspirational internet content can be a source for GOOD!! Let's FLOOD the internet with the GOOD!



Nan said...

Thank you for join my community, and Thank you for sharing nice blog, now I'm following your blog.

T said...

awesome stuff - I love a good inspirational Sunday post... makes getting up from my nap (CBC wore me out!) totally worth it :)

Krista said...

Holly, thanks so much for visiting me and most of all thanks for introducing me to your blog. It is so uplifting and you never know who needs to be lifted up and I appreciate giving me a little perspective today. This comment probably sounds so serious coming from a humor blogger - thanks for laughing. That makes my day!

Kristina P. said...

These are great. Nice to meet you Holly! I hope you enjoyed yourself. And got some great pics of me in my Snuggie. :)

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