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Thursday, June 10, 2010

LOST ALL COMMENTS in Transition to Custom Domain :`(

I'm frustrated because I've been BUSY editing pictures for a wedding this weekend and delayed finishing the custom redesign of my blog. So, I found the name that wasn't FULL of dashes so it would be easier to find, and redid my background and header to go along. I come to upload it and NOW I CAN'T CUSTOMIZE??? WTH???  *BIG SIGH*  #%$^&$^* ^_$&$#&+)(**&^$@#$! It WOULD have been COOL!! So I guess for now I LEAVE my header that's hard to read... AND my name with all the - - -s because if I try to change the template I will LOSE all that I already DID!!! 

So here's what the HEADER and BACKGROUND were GOING to be...

I'm frustrated at the moment, so I'll say no more and go BACK to WORK on my editing...  (((HUGS)))


(Had to leave it a while... but it was going to bug me until I figured it out)

As you can SEE, I figured it out so I can CHILL out now...  ;p LOL!!  *sigh*
In transition I lost ALL my comments...  :`(   *sniff*


Lisa said...

Here's a new one for you. LOVE IT! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! I'M GOING TO CALL YOU STEPHANIE FROM NOW ON. There. How's that?

Holly said...

LOL!! NO!! I've just NOW shared them!! My grandkids haven't even seen these!! LOL!! THEY don't come HERE!! Hehehe!! Thanks for the SMILE! =D

Gwen said...

New design looks great! I tried out Blogger's new designs today also. Let me know what you think.


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