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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FED UP with this BORDER CRAP!!

I try not to get controversial and such here, but I can't hold back today, so I won't. I am SO SICK of our current do NOTHING in SUPPORT of our OWN COUNTRY government!!! I just may be speaking up more about it all, because this is MY COUNTRY and it matters to ME! If you choose to stick your head in the sand and pretend that this politically correct crap is good for our NATION... I whole heartedly DISAGREE! I am NOT a racist for saying so, either!! I love my brothers and sisters of ALL NATIONS!! They are ALL WELCOME... IF they come here LEGALLY!! Any OTHER way is a CRIME! PERIOD!!

VOTE EVERYONE OUT that isn't willing to OPENLY take a STAND for OUR RIGHTS!! *sigh*


Cluttered Brain said...

Do you have a video posted or something? I can't see it.

but I totally agree with you.
so sick of this government.


I can't wait until 2012.

Lisa said...

Why is it an International breach of security if it's somewhere else, but here it's racist arrogance? I'm not sure why the disparate viewpoints. If I try to go to Europe without a passport, what should I expect? And that's without me being a Drug Lord.

Holly said...

There is a video clip... Hmmm... do you have the latest Adobe player? I checked on hubby's computer and it shows fine with Internet Explorer but not with Google Chrome. I have Google Chrome and it shows fine. WEIRD!! Anyone else having a problem??

...and AMEN to what Alexis & Lisa have said!! Thanks for the comments!


Krista said...

I agree 100%! My husband is from another country (Australia) and when we moved here after 7 years of marriage we had to go through all sorts of red tape and financial impositions (including an airfare to Sydney from Brisbane for an interview with the American Consulate.) He had to be tested for AIDs/tuberculosis and have a sponsor EVEN though he was married to an American citizen. CRAZY! Maybe I'll blog about this one day. HA!

Holly said...

Give mw a head's up if you do Krista!! I'd LOVE to read it!! Or if that's too heavy for your blog, you could GUEST POST it on mine and link over from yours telling people if they want a serious note go XXX! :D

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