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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Change of plans... Haven't had time to narrow and edit pix... Got busy... Sorry!   :`(    I had planned on posting more on the spiritual side of the Manti experience today, but I was busy ALL day. Sorry. I will have to reschedule that at a later time. There's so much going on at the moment and I'm feeling pulled in many directions. This was just one of those things that COULD wait. HUBBY came first today... seeing how it was HIS day... Father's Day!  ;D  And many of the kids and grandkids were here. So bear with me and I'll post it soon.
So, a while back I featured Jon Schmidt and said I would share a few of my favorites. Well, THAT I will do NOW!  =D  The following clip gives you a little taste of what one of his concerts is like and features some of my favorites. Waterfall and All of Me. It shows how personable he is and FUN!! He makes the piano FUN!! He inspired my 11 yr old to want to learn to play! He has already composed a song and hopes to do more as his skills progress. I'll have to download him at his recital and make a post out of it.  ;D  EXHILARATING!!

He is an incredible performer, inspirational and down to earth! Here he is introducing his newest album Bonus Tracks (which my boys bought me for Mother's Day this year... YAY!) He has put ALL of the songs on a YouTube Playlist that can be listened to anytime for FREE!! What a GUY!!

If this doesn't inspire you to want to see him in concert or get some of his albums (I have them ALL)... Then how about some of his FUN antics?? Here he is racing the Root beer Rag

Here he is playing DUMB SONG, his spoof of the BUMBLE BEE TUNA commercial that he wrote when he was 15:

I couldn't find the one where he plays upside down on the bench... I think it briefly shows it in that first clip, though.

THEN there are his MASH-UPS!! Pachelbel Meets U2, Love Story Meets Viva la Vida (Shown below and WELL worth the LISTEN!!) and Love Story Meets Love Story are ALL AWESOME!!

This one has to be my favorite, I think!! AMAZING!!!  =D Hope you enjoy it and let me know what YOU think!!    (Apparently this one wouldn't let it be embedded and will open it in YouTube in another window. It's WORTH it!! TRUST ME!!! DO IT!!)

You can go to his website to download MP3s, sheet music, order CDs, books, etc... You can find playlists he's created for any mood or occasion! You can even EMBED them on your blog or site! You'll also see scheduled events of when he may be playing in your area. I took my boys to the Sandy Amphitheater last year. It was a BEAUTIFUL setting with the sunset and all... HOWEVER, I recommend you get the RESERVED SEATS!! We didn't and were so far up and to the side on the grass we could hardly see or hear him... and his antics on stage and GREAT personality are a major part of the show. Kids were playing and rolling on the hill, people talking loudly... It was like we were at the fair and he was a background performer. We were sad... So IF we do THAT ONE again, we WILL have reserved SEATS up close and PERSONAL!! We also LOVE to go to the Wolf Mountain Performance! I'm thinking of taking my 11 yr old to Thanksgiving Point this year, too.

They also always have a table set up where you can buy his CDs and music books! He will even sign them if you like and let you snap a quick picture!!

And you GOTTA' LOVE the notes he puts throughout the sheet music! LOL!

LOL! This was 2 years ago at Wolf Mountain!  ;D

Hope you've enjoyed this more in depth into what I LOVE about this artist!!
PLEASE comment and let me know what YOU think!! (((HUGS)))


bernthis said...

studied piano for 5 years. I LOVED it and all my life wish I could play like this guy. Beautiful

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I am your new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. Have a great day and thank you so much for stopping by.

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