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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Call Me Gracie!!

UGH!!! Does anyone ELSE have 2 left feet... and at the most embarrassing moments??? Yeah... THAT would be MY DEPARTMENT!!! I am ALWAYS doing embarrassing things!! TONIGHT was a MEGA PREPPING for TREK night! For those of you unfamiliar with what TREK is, I'll do a whole OTHER post on that SOON!!  ;p  We were doing a Dutch Oven training with the Mas & Pas then a Committee Chair Meeting. Our time spanned from 5:30pm-10:30pm. YAWN!!

So here I am helping a few with a Dutch Oven Cobbler (YUMMY!) and one asks me for a paper towel. I turn to go get one and...  BAM!  I am ON the CEMENT!! Of COURSE EVERY ONE SAW!!! Oh!! EXCEPT MY husband... who was clueless as to why my ankle hurt and every one kept asking if I was OK... *sigh*  YES... I'm OK... but my ankle is sore... and I skinned my KNEE... like a THREE yr old!! Hmmm... yeah, my pride has been knocked down a few more notches... 

Then one of the ladies on the committee needed to leave and told me... Later hubby was introducing the committee... As he was going through the light bulb goes off in my scattered BRAIN and I say OH!! So & so had to leave... "Yeah! I covered that..." GEE!! WHERE was I??? GAH!! LaLa Land, I guess... I know it's no big deal and probably no one else was even phased, but I felt STUPID and embarrassed AGAIN... but that's just ME!! Scatter-brained GRACIE!!!

So if you want to get TMI about our PRETREK... WORD OF WARNING: Pay ATTENTION to if there are ANY WET SPOTS on the FLOOR in a Port-a-Potty!!! If you're a gal and you DROP your BLOOMERS... They WILL be WET when you PULL them BACK UP!!  UGH!!!  Luckily we had BABY WIPES in the truck... but I had to wash out my BLOOMERS and hang them in the truck to dry... (Didn't want to ADVERTISE I wasn't WEARING THEM!!) Well... there was a LOT of moisture that night, so I was wearing DAMP bloomers the next day, but at least they were CLEAN!!! *sigh* NEEDLESS to say, I will be bringing EXTRAS of EVERYTHING to the REAL Trek and I WILL pay attention to the floors of EVERY Port-o-Potty I ever go in AGAIN in my LIFE!!

*The photo is OBVIOUSLY NOT MINE!  ;p

So, I guess our committee gets to work with George and Gracie for the Trek!! He's the short, funny guy (w/o the cigar, though...) that pulls it all together, & I'm the scatter-brained KLUTZ by his side!!

Now as far as the KLUTZ thing goes, this is NOT an unusual occurrence. Hubby and I can just go for a WALK around the BLOCK and I will go DOWN once... or MORE... So since I don't do well WALKING... I guess that's why I'm COOKING!! Thank HEAVEN for SMALL miracles. (OK, and I'd probably die of a heart attack, too. just going up 3 flights of stairs at once about does me IN!) *sigh*

"Say Goodnight, Gracie."
"Good night."


Lisa said...

Oh, you're funny. Like you said, nobody but you even notices these things. The peach cobbler was all they were thinking of. :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Ok. Gracie. :))

I'm sorry you tripped.
But was the peach cobbler good?

Good luck preparing for Trek!!

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