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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Music - The Olive Tree - Felicia Sorensen

This is one of my FAVORITES for YEARS!! Just thought I'd share... I put so much into sharing Mindy Gledhill last week that I thought I should at least share another of my favorites!! I've had a few of Felicia Sorensen's CD's for years. She's got a beautiful voice! She Believes is my favorite album of hers. It's a bit more contemporary, but fit into different corners of my soul;  ;~)

The Olive Tree I think first came out with a CES video and seminary CD. It's really beautiful and truly invites the spirit. I have the piano music for it... but with my lack of any REAL SKILL, I should get to where I can PLAY it in about a YEAR if I WORK REAL HARD!!

It took me about 6 months to get Fur Elise and when I don't play it for a while... it's REAL RUSTY!! LOL!!
Maybe I should have STUCK with lessons... Oh yeah, we moved and I started band... We bought a clarinet instead. Then a saxophone... I USED to be GOOD.... *sigh* Yeah... USED TO BE just doesn't CUT IT, anymore...

I hope you enjoy it, too!  (((HUGS)))

PS: I may be going to EVO Conference in Park City!! Could be very insightful!  =D

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Very nice!



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