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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet JON SCHMIDT!! on the Piano

This is my Sunday Post!! Still tired... *sigh*

If you haven't been introduced yet to Jon Schmidt, let me tell you, he is the master of the piano!! We LOVE him!! He IS the bomb dot com!! LOL!! (That's from the mother of the bride YESTERDAY!! So if you missed that post, check it out!!)

Here is hubby's FAVORITE from Jon, and I thought I'd kick it off with that since it's a hymn and today technically IS still Sunday...  ;p
Hubby says THIS is how he imagines the music will be as he is received into heaven!! (He also says that about the soundtrack from "Lamb of God".) It is quite beautiful!
I will share more of my favorites of Jon Scmidt another day! He is SO FUN!! He was the inspiration behid my son WANTING to learn to play the piano! He puts on a very ENTERTAINING concert. My recommendations is NOT to go close to start time to the Sandy summer concert unless you are in reserved seating! More on THAT another day, too!



Kristin said...

My piano students enjoy playing Jon Schmidt. I haven't been to one of his concerts, but have heard a lot about them. I understand they are very entertaining.

Lisa said...

We LOVE Jon Scmidt! That was Ashton's favorite music to play, and isn't he the one that put hysterical little tiny remarks throughout his sheet music? Also, love the video.

Holly said...

Yes!! SO FUN!! Check out the newer post I did on him with my favorites with links. I blew up one of the comments! Hehe!!

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