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Friday, June 4, 2010

OK, MOM!!! =D MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

My BABY sister got her nursing degree yesterday!! YAY!! I'm SO PROUD of her!! She is a wife and mom to 3! They have sacrificed much for this accomplishment. So maybe we'll touch more on this later...

... SOOooo... I drove my mom down to where the ceremony was being held (about 1 1/2 hrs) and of course we chatted along the way... and I let her hear the AWESOME Mindy Gledhill: Feather in the Wind  album.  She AGREES that she is AMAZING!!  .... SIDETRACKED... *sigh*

Oh yeah... RAMBLING... sorry... get used to it... ;p

I have a friend that sells the COOL poolside cover-ups she calls WEELOW!! I was telling her about them and how I was wanting to get some and asking about colors, sizes, etc... (She didn't have BURGUNDY... I'm a SUCKER for BURGUNDY... LOL!) There were 3 children sizes and ADULT. I asked her if it came in MAMMOTH. She assured me that the regular adult size would fit me fine.

So she SCOLDED ME!!! She said "STOP IT!! Don't talk about yourself that way!" However, in my DEFENSE... I just have to say that the last 2 YEARS I was being REALLY GOOD... since Christmas, just letting my guard down a bit... I've gained back over HALF of what I'd lost... SO... I've been a little stressed over it... So I had to come home and listen to this!!  LOL!!  My friend, Lisha posted this on her facebook page and it was like she was INSPIRED to DO THAT!! Hahaha!! 


LishKishBish said...

I am so touched Holly. We ARE beautiful, gorgeous, and even sexy! It's all in your attitude :) You are wonderful. It's so funny that I posted that, that just proves that everything happens for a reason :D

Nett said...

:) We play this song, roll the windows down and sing at the top of our lungs. It's liberating.

Holly Renee said...

Congrats on your sister's accomplishment. That's so cool. You are beautiful no matter what. Treat yourself kindly because you deserve it! XXOO

Krista said...

That is a hoot! I love it! But you know that guy is totally gay, right? ;-) JK!

Kristin said...

I don't know how you found me for sure, but it was meant to be. I am bipolar, 15 years that we know of now. I have struggled through so many things, well you would probably understand.
My dad is also bald, and he is beautiful. He is my best friend, his grandkids need him. He is the first person I call when I have a problem and it doesn't bother my husband. Diagnosed July 4th 2 years ago this year. You will be in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Give your dad a kiss and a rub on the head for me.

Holly said...

Lish: You ARE an inspiration to me!!
Nett: I need to listen a few more times before I'll be familiar enough tto join you! Next MANIA at MIDNIGHT you're ON!! LOL!!
Holly: GREAT NAME & thank you!!
Krista: It's all good if he is... it's the THOUGHT that counts... RIGHT?? LOL!! I got my man. And he loves me even with handles!! LOL!
Kristin: I found you in a thread on Blog Frog. ;D DESTINY! LOL! I have another friend that will relate, too!! You should check her out. http://megandeweyclark.blogspot.com It helps having people to RELATE to!! ...and Sid isn't MY dad, but an awesome neighbor, friend, ward member... His wife and family are the TOPS, too! He's THAT KIND of DAD!! I only WISH I'd had a DAD like HIM!! My father left when I was 1 and died in 2001. I didn't get a half decent father figure until I was 27. He is in poor health, too. He has Parkinson's and also displays signs of dementia. It's sad. I did set the blog up for Sid so they could keep in contact with the world while he's isolated. My aunt is going through these things now and that breaks my heart, too. And another friend... Hubby's first wife was only 48 when she died of it... I wish cancer would GO AWAY!! *sigh*

(((HUGS))) to ALL of you!!! You MADE MY WEEK!! ;D

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