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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Doctor... I WENT... FINALLY! & Pre-trek Survival

I DID get to the new doctor... It only took me 5 months to DO IT!! Yeah!! I think I threw his schedule off for the whole day... OOPS!!  However... there are things in my file (that I'd JUST handed him...) that he went over with me to help me understand that NOBODY ever had....  *sigh* Conclusion: Making the switch was a good decision...  EXCEPT the vampire took my BLOOD!!! LOL! OK, it was his nurse... I'm afraid the numbers are going to look worse than the ones from last fall... I was being GOOD THEN... NOT SO MUCH since about Christmas time... *sigh*  So I'm easing back into the meds cycle... if I'm lucky, it'll be a good combination because I think he actually thought about the whole picture rather than little details and writing a prescription... He also wants me to do a sleep test... So, more on that LATER!!

Pre Trek was last night and I SURVIVED. Yesterday came off without a hitch for the most part. Perhaps next week I'll give you some more details of one event that will give you a chuckle at my expense... This morning, I had to get a dumb headache, though. It didn't go migraine, though... so that's a blessing, right? I was good with helping through breakfast, but after I told hubby I was going to lie down for a few and to get me when they needed me. When I came back out, they were getting ready to serve lunch. I asked why he didn't get me and he said they had it covered and didn't NEED me... So... I'm a SLACKER, I guess... Sleeping in the back of the truck under the shell wsn't the most comfortable... but I did sleep and didn't get rained on, so I'll call it GOOD!! When I got home, I crashed for a bit trying to get rid of said, headache... It did lighten up. The boys even survived and didn't kill each other...YAY!! Life is GOOD!  ;p



Krista said...

I'm trying to get my headaches under control too. I can totally relate to having headaches. I swear my head was going to pop off my shoulders and go flying across the room yesterday! So glad you found a doctor that is willing to look at you as a whole person. Those are hard to find.

Holly said...

Krista, I'm learning about different kinds of headaches, too!! It looks like I have combination headaches and migraines. I'm doing a headache journal so I can learn to differentiate the different kinds. They don't always go migraine, so if I tried these other meds for migraines on a combination headache and it didn't work... well, that would be why... *sigh* I just know it hurts bad... all over... and sometimes I see spots and get nauseated and wish I could go into a coma until it passes. So if I can pay a LITTLE more attention... I might get it figured out and take the right things at the right time. ;D
Start a headache journal... day, time, location/s of the pain and if it's associated to anything you can think of... Do this consistently and there may be some patterns that you'll see in time. Even though I've had a hysterectomy, I still have ovaries... He said some of the headaches could be hormonal. Hmmm... Just thought I'd share in hopes that maybe you can start narrowing down some solutions, too! We'll have to keep updated on any progress. (((HUGS))) ;D

Lisa said...

Man, good topic for today, as I'm rubbing my head and trying to decide whether or not to go for the ibu. I know hormones play a huge part, but apparently, that's not something likely to go away any time soon.

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