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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New CUSTOM Design... What do YOU Think? & Randomness... ;p

Today has been a LONG day... I've been editing almost nonstop... 3 of our older kids came with grandkids to swim for the first time this year. It started about noon and continued all the way till almost 7pm! I had too much to do but went and peeked at them having fun every once in a while. I HAD to take a break now and then!!  ;p

I also got my new ACER laptop with the I5 processor... Is that COOL??? My hope is that it will handle the large image files I work with faster. If it processes faster, I may have to rig it to my desktop monitor. I'm spoiled with a HUGE LCD monitor which makes enlarging and editing minor details so much easier... even when I'm NOT wearing my eyeballs!!  =D  My desktop has never been all that I want it to be. It's an HP Slimline and I've had things that have bugged me about it from the beginning. I'll do a little better research before going for that SALE next time... *sigh*  The monitor we bought separate.

I also got a little side tracked occasionally customizing my AWESOME new blog BACKGROUND and WANT to know what YOU THINK!!??? I got the original background from Shabby Blogs and this is called "It's ALL about YOU" I did a LOT of TWEAKING, because... that's what I DO... LOL!! Had to make it ALL about ME!! Hehe!! The top 2 pics represent the bipolar beast I try to keep buried as deeply as possible. The next 2 represent my family & photography. The silhouette is our youngest daughter and her husband. Took this as part of their engagement shoot. The other side is our 2nd daughter with her youngest child. It was getting close to the holiday season and I was taking a class at the time. (I do that to keep up with new techniques and KNOW there's ALWAYS MORE to LEARN!) I think that one was a Photoshop class and since her little guy had just been born, I jumped at the opportunity to try to create a Mary/Jesus type image. I personally love it and it hangs above our stairway! The next 2 in B/W are ME with ATTITUDE at 15. LOL!! The next 2 are my sweet dogs. And the bottom 2 are temple shots I've taken. Some of my favorites were horizontal and wouldn't work for the template... *sigh*  On the header... yeah, it still needs some tweaking... Saying doesn't stand out very well...  UGH! However... The photo is that of those of us that still actually LIVE in our home still. I will add more pix of others... but with our HUGE group, we wouldn't fit in that frame! LOL! SOON! SOON!! I mean think about it... we have one in college, one married with no children YET... and 6 WITH children!! 17 grandkids!! That's ALL!!

I'll stop rambling for today. Let me know what YOU think of the new DESIGN!! Thanks!!

Oh... and at the top left in the nav bar is a little word that says FOLLOW... PLEASE DO!! And/OR Comment... It makes my DAY!!  (((HUGS)))


Nett said...

Awww...sounds like fun! I want a pool...that is more than 3 feet deep :).

I love the new blog design! What does a dark maroon type look like? I agree that the words don't stand out as well as they should. But I really like it a lot!

Lisa said...

So, geez, Holly...were you a model? I could swear I've seen those pictures somewhere. Had no idea they were you. Awesome and beautiful! Love the sidebars, by the way.

One Cluttered Brain said...

I love the pictures up and down the side!!!!!
It looks GREAT!!! you have quite the talent in this!!!!
WAY to go!!!
I suggest having your comment window open up in a NEW window and not embed it below each post.
it really does work better that way.
other than that, it looks superb!!!

One Cluttered Brain said...

and if you could turn off the word verification it makes it easier for others to comment.
I have mine off and honestly I think I get spam like maybe once a week, if I get some.
And you can ALWAYS delete it if you want.
Anyhoo, just trying to help.


Garden of Egan said...

Totallllllyyyyy LOVE the background and design!
You are extremely talented.
I've finally taken a few minutes to wander around here and wow, you are amazing.
Thanks for sharing yourself. Your photography is so impressive.
I'm aspiring to do better with my camera. I just need to get it out more.
Anyway, love the design.

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