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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


OK, in response to Lisa... I did a little modeling as a teen... However, with my short (5'1") stature and anorexia being the only way to keep even a camera a LITTLE fooled... and not being able to pull off looking like a 12 yr old for child modeling FOREVER... I gave it ALL up and BLOSSOMED into the obese curvy woman I am today.  ;p  (Just the FACTS, mom... NOT self degradation, PROMISE!)  ;~)

ANYWAY, my only claim to FAME came years after... I was living in FL, married, and PREGNANT with my first... just happened to be visiting UT from helping my sis move there... when I got THE CALL. The agency called and said what Jack WEYLAND wanted... First I laughed because I was NOT in the position to do ANY shoots for ANYBODY!! I had QUIT that OVER a YEAR ago!! HAHA!! Apparently, Jack Weyland saw THAT photo and WANTED THAT PHOTO!! Alrighty then... Yeah, the agency and the photographer, Butch Adams got more $$$ than me, but I was amused by it, it gave me a few $$$ when it was greatly NEEDED and it gave me my one claim to fame!!

This was a black & white FILM (Yeah... NO DIGITAL, WAY back THEN!) shoot. For the book cover they had to airbrush the image. It's funny because the coloring was so much like mine!! Same brown hair and blue eyes... (I only KNEW it was airbrushed because the stripes on my shirt were peach and they were blue here...) The girl in the book is SUPPOSED to have red hair and green eyes... Just made me laugh. ;D

LOL! Here's a slideshow of that shoot:


Lisa said...

OH. MY. GOSH! That is awesome! And NOW I know where I'd seen it~from the book! I couldn't for the life of me think how I had come to know that picture. Thought maybe it was one of the pictures that come in picture frames. :) You are gorgeous! How cool that you did that and can always show children and grand children this for years to come. :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Wow! Now i can say i know a famous person!!

You are absolutely gorgeous!!! And i met you IRL, which makes me cool by association right?

You were fun to hang out with at Mcdonald's. You made me laugh!

Cluttered Brain said...

Where's my comment?
I totally saw this post before and left a comment?

Anyhoo, I said it once, I'll say it again, You are beautiful and I got to meet YOU in real life.

We ate at Mcdonalds together. I feel so lucky.

My only other claim to fame is being able to interview Angie Larsen on Good Things Utah.

Never a model type.

You are lovely!!

Glad I know ya!


Holly said...

Alexis, you and Lisa BOTH wrote AWESOME comments!! When I changed the blog to a custom domain, it wiped out ALL of my comments from EVERYBODY!! I was SO SAD!! *sniff*

Thanks for coming back so I had SOMETHING! Hehe!! You're SO COOL!! (I KNOW that's what you WANT to BE!!) ;D ((HUGS))

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