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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding... CHECK... DONE... Sharing My Day

Oh YEAH... except for the EDITING... *sigh* ;p

Tuesday & Thursday this week with no sleep... I think I'm TIRED!!! *YAWN*
But FIRST i will share parts of my day with YOU!  =D


Today was a bit of a roller coaster to start out... It's been RAINY ALL DAY!!! THIS was an OUTDOOR wedding... Grrrr...  So, last night I went to Inkley's to pick up their guest book and prints for the photo screen for display. The book was NOT ready.  AAAHHHH!!! I even chose THAT location because THEY were open later than the one closer to me. Which ALSO meant ONE MORE thing to do on a crazy day...

OH, but it gets BETTER... I'm leisurely getting things together and get a text message from the bride's MOM... Mind you, it's almost 3pm... I notice the text was SENT around 9:30 this morning... ???? WTH? I text her back, but figure if the texts are taking THAT kind of time, I better call her. On the contract, times are written with addresses and everything. The wedding was to start at 5pm and I told them I like to come a little early and get some shots of the bride getting ready. So we posted the time at 4:30pm... THEY had CHANGED it and COMMUNICATION to ME was somehow LOST in translation!! It was to START at 4!!! YIKES!! I STILL had to go to Inkley's to pick up the BOOK!! UGH!! Needless to say, I BOOKED it!! 

Got to Inkley's and they had printed the guest book IN REVERSE!!! WHAT NEXT??? They offered to redo it... I didn't have time... GAH!! Grabbed it and FLEW!! The event was up the Ogden Canyon in Huntsville, so I was PUSHING it!

I had my little map-quest paper to glance at which street to turn on. GLANCE and I get some looney HONKING at me to pay attention. KRIKEY!! My finger was on the spot and I GLANCED... GEEZ!! He took more of my attention from the road trying to figure out WTH he was trying to tell me... DID I have a flat? Was my car on FIRE??? Whatever!! ANYWAY... then going through the WINDY canyon, I get behind a Ford Focus that is afraid to go over 20 mph!! I was REALLY WISHING I had taken that LORAZEPAM before I left... LOL!!

I got there with 5 minutes to spare... Got cameras set and we were waiting for the window in the rain cloud to open up opportunity for the couple to traverse the isle... Guests seated beneath white EZ up awnings... THEN the bride's step mother was snapping pictures and kept BLOCKING me from THEM!! I turned to the grandma and said "WHO IS THAT???" She said it was the dad's NEW wife... AHHhhh.... better be nice. You know, I've seen people snap a picture and get out of the way... she just kept getting MORE in the way! Finally I just said, "Would you PLEASE MOVE?" SUCCESS...

One other drawback that panicked me... My Lumiquest ProMax System folder and a few inserts were in the bag... but the ATTACHMENT was NOT!! AAHHH... So I taped one of the insert to the flash and held it up when needed, bounced the flash inside... a LOT... It's ALL good... BUT I SURE MISSED IT!! *sigh*

The rest of the day was pretty laid back and easy going... YAY!! It really helps when there's no Bridezilla or others micromanaging your every move... They were AWESOME!!  ;D

Disclaimer: NONE of the following images have been edited yet and do NOT represent a finished job.  ;p

The KISS!! Please notice the WET all around the perimeter of the gazebo...
My knees were soaked... That's why we wear BLACK, baby!  ;p
The CHANGING of the SHOES...
Her dogs were barking... She wanted them OFF... NOW! LOL!
Check out the lovely effect of an outdoor wedding on a rainy day on the bottom of a white wedding gown. Good thing she's a mellow bride... It was NO BIGGIE!  YAY!! 
Maybe I'd survive without the Lorazepam after all... HAHA!! 

Yeah... OOPS, didn't switch WB for shoe change...
Yeah... Since I BARELY got there in time for the WEDDING, we reenacted her "getting ready shots..." HAHA!! She didn't really care and they just goofed around.
Hey GUYS!!! The goal here is NOT to DROP HER!!
They didn't... but I was worried for a second. HAH!
Then she has to keep her girls OFF her man... except his sister... LOL!! 
Yeah... staged... GEE!! How could you tell???  ;p
Do I hear an AWWWW...

Exhaustion sets in... ZZZzzzz....

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