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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woohoo!! That's MY DESIGN!!

So I did this layout design for Sir Scrapalot Designs... It's for his Scrapping {YOU}niversity! The topic was "What did YOU want to be when you grew up?" That's as far as I got instruction on... but I guess he liked it enough to post it on his site.  ;D  We had to use one of his kits to design a layout on the topic provided. I used the ONE MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT kit and it is AWESOME!! There were SO MANY things I could have done with it!! Included are: 18 Patterned Papers, 3 full alphas, a pack of 18 Solid Papers, and assorted elements
Click to see the actual POST!! If you'd like to keep up with his BLOG, be sure to FOLLOW him for all kinds of GREAT digital scrapping ideas!! 
Mind you, there may have been a time I wanted to BE this, but it was short lived... along with my SHORT stature!! Literally... I loved to sing, dance, perform however, WHATEVER!! So I had my short lived time in front of a camera and in the spotlight... now I hide BEHIND the camera and try to make others feel good about the image they take from a sitting with me.  =D  There's a lot less pressure being BEHIND the camera... My genetics just wouldn't have CUT IT in that field. I DID have the pix for doing that layout... so I ran with it!  (((HUGS)))


Cluttered Brain said...

Nice work!!
No need to hide behind the camera! You are beautiful!

And funny to boot!

Lisa said...

Oh, very nice. And Alexes is right~don't hide behind the camera. You ARE beautiful!

Krista said...

Very pretty! We are so hard on ourselves as we age. I wish we could embrace it. You are gorgeous and most importantly on the inside!

Krista said...

Wait! Is that you on the Jack Weyland book?

Holly said...

Thanks Alexis, Lisa & Krista! You're the BOMB.COM! =D

LOL!! Yes, Krista! I looked rebel enough he just wanted THAT picture! LOL! Did you read Stephanie?

Here's the post where I talk about it. ;D

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