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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Showing the Love

Life With Critters

I found this blog through the that gimmick discussed below:
I felt a connection with "Writer Girl". I love her style. They have always called their kids "Critters", "Thing 1", "Thing 2" & "Thing 3", a term of endearment. It's cute! She also shares my political views and "Thing 2" is a special needs child with Noonan's Syndrome. She has a cute design and pics! She only has 15 Followers. WTH??? Get over to Life with Critters and show her some LOVE!! 

Now let's talk about Brittany Ciara, the hostess of
and her blog lives at Not Your Average Teen

Not Your Average Teen

She is an extraordinary teen who has chosen to tak the HIGH ROAD... aka the road less traveled... by many teens, anyway. She is 18, a great big sister, helpful to her mom and all she can be. She is a part of more than one blog hops trying to help other bloggers find other like-minded bloggers to share their stories with. HOLLA'!

However, she likes to read nice things about herself and have many followers, but it's too much to ask her to follow back. So although she does seem like a nice enough young lady, we must not have enough in common to hold her interest for more than a few seconds to see if you've followed all her rules... So, I'm undoing the buttons and follows and will not be participating next time.  TOODLES! ;p
I think I'm done with these ...


WriterGirl said...

Thanks,Holly! I am so excited about this! I really appreciate it and I'm happy to get to "know" you!

Not Average Teen said...

Thanks for the sweet and kind words. Words like these make my day! xoxo

Every Mom Has Her Day said...

I am following you back from FMBT! Thanks for stopping by! ;) http://www.everymomhasherday.com

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