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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Confession Wednesday: I'm TERRIFIED of TREK

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This is hosted by my friend KAREN who moved to where I WAS  when I moved HERE!! *sigh* We kinda' MISSED the BOAT on that one... We COULD HAVE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!
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A Peek at Karen's World

By the time most of you are reading this I will be GONE!! OUT in the WILDERNESS for 4 DAYS!!! Don't worry, we have adult children taking care of the house, kids, and FEROCIOUS BEAST DOGS!! And I can't forget the PIRANHA in the fish tank, too!! LOL!! ;p
Staff that participated in Pre-Trek

Let me start by saying what a MAJOR HOME BODY I AM!!! And my idea of CAMPING is in a travel TRAILER with many of the luxuries of HOME! You know, running WATER, a toilet, stove, oven, FRIDGE, BEDS, AIR CONDITIONER, radio generator for electricity... *sigh* AND BRINGING MY DOGS!!! I will have NONE of these things for the next FOUR DAYS!! GAH!!
Being the worse-half of the chairmen of the food committee... I have MEGA anxiety for everything to go smoothly. One issue is ALL THE FREAKING NUT and GLUTEN ALLERGIES!!! And one diabetic.... Oh, and a VEGAN.  LOL!! There is one girl that has such a serious allergy to peanuts that she can't even be where she can breathe it in the air around her if someone nearby is eating a PB&J sandwich!! She could DIE!! She will have her epi pen on her at all times and we are taking every precaution... SHEESH!! Scary, though!! :\  We put ALL the nut allergy people in one family and they will have alternate meals of anything that may be an issue. AND the people prepping their food cannot have prepped anything questionable to handling their food...
Country Girl Daughter in the pioneer attire of the girls... I think this was actually her older sister's. This was like a DECADE AGO! I helped one make hers and made the other... They "DIDN'T WANT POOPY colors" *sigh* I think everyone knew who they were FAR FAR AWAY with their BRIGHT colors.  ;p

Confession #1:
So I've been faking that I'm fine with all this and I'm really FREAKING OUT A BIT!!! My doctor is the one on staff for the trek... so I guess if I end up in the fetal position and rocking in the corner he can just put a blanket over me so no one has to SEE!! LOL!! "Here... take a CHILL PILL... make it a DOUBLE!"  HAH!! Don't worry, I'm bringing my own, thanks!!  ;p

Confession #2:
NO phones, IPODS, GAMES... electronic devices of ANY KIND... *sigh* Yeah... well... My IPOD will be on the INSIDE of my apron with my MEDS!! I have to listen to audio books to get to sleep... along with sleeping pills and melatonin... I can't do 3 nights of mind racing anxiety all night... no decent sleep... AND FAKE being a decent HUMAN during the day... SO, I am breaking that rule, but NO ONE will SEE ME!!! Except the hubs... 

Confession #3:
Sleep test review has returned and they want to fit me for a CPAP... Yeah... moderately severe sleep apnea. (Maybe I could just die in my sleep DURING the BEGINNING of TREK and then I won't have to stress over it the WHOLE TIME!!! LOL!!) Anyway, because of Trek, I can't go in till NEXT WEEK... So as all the girls are frightened because they hear WILD BEASTS in the wilderness they are sure are waiting for them to sleep to come and DEVOUR THEM... It will just be ME sounding like a BEAR in my tent... Keeping the WHOLE CAMP AWAKE!!! GAH!

Confession #4:
With this GUY by my side ;p
Instead of THIS!!  ;p
I have to admit, I have had some tender mercies helping me to THINK I CAN SURVIVE this!! My migraines have been tremendously reduced lately and my sensitivity to light hasn't been as bad, either. This, to me, IS a MIRACLE!! So since I was told that they would improve in the blessing when I was set apart... it MUST be a direct blessing of my fake willingness... and having that unfold into a reality... I HAVE TO GO!!! Right? DO my part??? So I WILL GO, I will DO... the things the Lord commands....  and I WILL SURVIVE, I will be a better person for having DONE it, AND I'll probably even get some enjoyment and more friends out of it. Unless of course I have a melt down and SCARE THEM ALL AWAY FOR LIFE!!!  :\

HEY!! If there's DRAMA.... I just have MORE topics to RANT about on my blog posts!!! =D

I have posts that will be posting EACH DAY I'm gone. I will return comment and FOLLOW EVERYBODY that does for me! PROMISE!!

PRAY for ME!!!   (((HUGS)))
Here is a slideshow of images hubs & I shot during Pre-Trek last month for your viewing PLEASURE!!

I may NOT SURVIVE after ALL!! OMG!! I had prewritten this post because I was HOPING to be sleeping at the time it needed to POST.... GAH!! NO!!! I JUST GOT HOME from prepping food JUST for tomorrow NIGHT!!! (I'm having horrible visions of getting up at 5am whether I sleep or not and going non-stop at full velocity until I pass out at night...) And TODAY was in a KITCHEN!!! 5pm to midnight on our feet. I was wearing my sandals... STUPID thing to DO when you have plantar fasciitis!! My feet are KILLING ME!! OH! NEW BALANCE SHOES... You GOTTA' come through for ME!! Well, if it's so bad I can't stand it, my doctor is there and one of the guys on our committee is a nurse practitioner and can give me Cortizone shots in them... Yeah... THAT SOUNDS FUN!!! NOT!! Sticking a NEEDLE IN my PAIN??? *EEK!!* 

This brings me to Confession #5: I AM a TOTAL WIMP when it comes to PAIN... but you know, I hurt SO BAD right now, I just MIGHT give in to this one if it REALLY WILL HELP the pain GO AWAY!!  

So all my friends, PLEASE say a prayer for me every day until Saturday when I get home! I'm GONNA' NEED ALL the HELP I can GET!  IF I DO SURVIVE... My SAturday post MAY be no more than (I'm ALIVE... CRASH#%^&


momikoito said...

followed you back...

hope you can also visit my other sites and follow...

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My Prince ---> Macoi
Trying Hard Techie

Penny @ iCouldbeFake.com said...

LOL. I would never in a million years go on a trip like that. I cannot live without the computer, internet... cell phone. No way... uh uh. I will be thinking of you! lol

Megan Dewey Clark said...

You know Holly... looking back I am amazed I made it through trek. Somehow I slept through the night and could get up in the morning and was just fine.... I know the Lord helped me. So he can help you. And I will pray for you.

krissilugbill said...

wow, sounds like you are about to embark on quite the adventure! I will keep you in my prayers this week and hopefully you will feel great and enjoy your time :)

Priscilla said...

Hahaha well... gltuen allergies arent the worse in the world.

Peanut allergies are tough though!

Corine said...

WOW! I would absolutely LOVE to be in your shoes for that Trek! When my daughter went... I was so discippointed that I wasn't asked to go. I secretly hope that I will get to go when my boys' turn comes... as a parent! :D But being a cook must be so much fun, too.

I wish you the best of luck, and even better, I'll say a prayer for you. :D

Lisa said...

I'm sending prayers up to Heaven right now. Sounds to me like you have a lot in common with our ancestors~more so than the average Trek goer. It will be a wonderful experience! Easy for me to say, while I sleep in my bed and eat a cup of rabbit poop ice. Seriously, I'll pray for you. :)

Sharon Cohen said...

Greetings! I’m visiting from the Blog Frog Mom Loop Community Comment Follow.

I envy you the health, determination and wherewithal to go on Trek! Not the green-eyed envy kind of envy - just the wistful kind of envy.

I just have to follow your blog now so I can read of your adventure!

You’re invited to visit my blog (at your leisure) and learn of ways to satisfy your husband’s deepest desire . . . for respect! http://husbandsdeepestdesire.blogspot.com

One Cluttered Brain said...

Take care my friend!
I hope all goes well.

glad it is NOT me.

Lori@ Paisley Passions said...

Following you now :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

~Lori S.

PS-Good luck on Trek!

T said...

oh woman... good luck!!! I don't even like to cook at home... just asked ManOfTheHouse, two years 'til Trek in our stake... maybe by then he won't be over the Young Women???

bernthis said...

I am praying for you and I don't pray but you couldn't pay me to do what you are doing. It's the cooking part that scares me the most.

Oh and the allergies? oh lord, someone would not make it home if I were in charge.

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