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Sunday, July 4, 2010

DRAFT: Confession Wednesday: I Use the Computer to Distract/Focus??

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Karen is off on her dream trip in South America... you know... working hard trying to HELP PEOPLE and all that GOOD STUFF!! So I don't know if she has someone linking us up with this or not. BUT I have a confession, so I'll play along regardless. *sigh*

I've been working hard at trying to keep positive and do good things! However, this bipolar thing really is a PAIN and I WISH it would just GO AWAY!! I have been feeling like I'm in mixed mania lately. Counting blessings... yes, I still CAN see positives in my life... but that doesn't make the emotions go away. Some times are easier than others. I have to admit how incredible I found that things went as well as they did for Trek!! THAT was a MIRACLE!! I know, I STILL have to do my BIG POST on TREK! Hopefully next week... ??? (sidetracked, sorry)

Today I took Stitch kid to the doc. Mind you, this doctor (AND his student doc) are in my ward. (Mormonese for they're in MY church... LOL!) I was a WEBELOS leader in our area for 3.5 yrs during which time I had this dr's son. Since I just started going to him (END of May) he was a little surprised at my record and the bipolar bit because I seemed SO ORGANIZED due to the website I created for the WEBELOS. What he didn't realize is that the computer is part of my manic side. But when I'm ON the computer, I TRY to do GOOD things!! It takes me a LONG time to accomplish things because I get SO distracted so easily. I regularly have 10-15 windows open across the top of my screen. For example, it is at this moment 4:10am, I am WIDE AWAKE and have 20 windows open on the web, and 4 different processes open aside from the internet. I jump from one thing to the other continuously. This can be quite frustrating and also represents when I'm trying to accomplish things in LIFE... Packing for a trip, cleaning, shopping... We shouldn't go NEAR the shopping... Let's just say, the computer keeps me out of the stores and not SPENDING... unless of course I get sidetracked on EBAY... (I avoid EBAY unless there is something SPECIFIC I need to look for. If I don't... Let's just say SOMEONE is rolling his eyes or giving me THAT LOOK...)

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