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Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday: 6th Grade Graduation - PEACE... HUH?

So... perhaps this is a glimpse of a  flashback mingled with the present. Sorry if I'm breaking the rules a bit, but this is where I felt compelled to go today.  ;p

My son had 6th grade graduation today. We get in there and all the kids are dressed up like hippies from the 60's. I asked hubby if he got the hippie memo because I hadn't. He said he did but he wasn't dressing him up to represent the druggie socialist movement. So Stitch Kid and some others were just in jeans and t-shirts. REAL FORMAL, I KNOW!! (I won't go into the whole ELEMENTARY school graduation thing today... *sigh*)

A BIG part of this ceremony was a big presentation on the D.A.R.E. Program the 6th graders participated in. This is a program to educate kids on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, etc... and have them pledge to be DRUG FREE! They teach them scenarios to avoid and how to respond in those situations... How to stand up for themselves and build self esteem in adversity...

SO.... Here they are going on and on about not smoking, drinking, huffing, doing drugs... ALL the while wearing and displaying symbols of the druggie/socialistic hippie movement of the 60s. THE ERA MOST KNOWN for ALL of these problems... GAH!!! WHAT are they THINKING??? Maybe they don't realize ALL that this stands for...  ???

Don't get me wrong,  the spirit of love and service to humanity... and PEACE in general is a GOOD thing!! BUT NOT at the expense of freedom, liberty... the things our forefathers worked so hard to achieve for US! And protecting... there are times when there are things that are SO WRONG in the world that WILL eventually effect us ALL if it's allowed to progress... What is GOOD and RIGHT. YES! Heck... I even DIG some of the PEACE... LOVE... MUSIC of the time... LOL! (NO... NOT the HARD STUFF... Things like  Peace Train...)  ;p  There are some good messages in many of them for loving and accepting others and such... BUT the extremes get OUT OF CONTROL...  *sigh*  Give me a break... I'm NOT lying down so that EVIL can DO AS IT PLEASES at the expense of MY life, freedom, liberty... and that of my family... MY COUNTRY... in the name of "PEACE"? That's NOT PEACE, my friend. THAT'S STUPIDITY!

There have been some horrible things that have happened in war time... There ARE those who behaved in a manner that IS unfathomable... THOSE acts of individuals acting outside of what their focus SHOULD have been should NOT become the FOCUS of the overall GOOD aimed to be accomplished. Sometimes war is necessary. ALL things can not ALWAYS be TALKED into agreement. 

OK, the hippie druggie era is one issue... The others would be:

  •  the socialist influence of the "PEACE" movement. 
  • It's linked as a similar symbol used by Hitler's 3rd Panzer Division from 1941 to 1945. 
  • Similar to an anti-Christ symbol, as well... 
  • It's a symbol of pacifism.
I know some think it's fun to dress as a hippie for Halloween, or something... I'm GOOD with pretend play in dress-up forms... But to make this era and this symbol what an elementary school graduation is ALL ABOUT just seemed WRONG. Maybe the indoctrination of our youth at younger and younger ages... rewriting history the way some WANT it to be rather than what it WAS is becoming more and more prevalent... Not even the the teachers have a clue? REALLY?  It's just... "CUTE"???  

I do have to add that every time the tape came loose off of one of the symbols and fell off the wall, we chuckled. Funniest part is that it was only the "peace" signs that fell... and by the time the program was done MOST of THEM were down! I told hubby he WILLED it to happen. LOL! We ARE BAD that way...  ;p

Yes, I'm opinionated... 
No, I don't want to argue about it...  



Kristina P. said...

Ironic, huh?

I wonder if the DARE program has gotten any better. I've been a substance abuse social worker for about 11 years now, and it's been shown to not be very effective. Maybe because they dress them like acid using hippies.

Penny @ iCouldbeFake.com said...

Ohhh! I remember the dare program. I went thru that program three years in a row. I used to be so proud when I wore my dare tshirt... lol.

Yeah bad choice for them in choosing that decor.

Thanks for participating in FF this week! lol

Nan said...

Hi Holly
I have give you blog award :-)
Have a nice weekend.

Jersey Diva Mom said...

The irony of that choice had to occur to SOMEONE planning?!?! I read your post to my hubs (who at 63 remembers watching hippees and laughing w/ his buds). The look on his face was PRICELESS. (ps- found you via MomLoop)

Dawn said...

found you through blogfrog ~ love your post & following now!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Here I thought Dare had been discontinued because they'd proved that girls who had been through Dare were more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol than those who had not?

Anyway, I'm totally with you on the "Why are there graduations for absolutely everything?!" and "Why on EARTH would everyone be encouraged to dress like hippies???" My mind is boggled.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from Mom Loop! I watched a documentary on the peace symbol once. It has an interesting background.

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