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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lifetime of MOVING!

When I was 2 weeks old,
our family moved from New York 

to FL.
My dad was in the Air Force and transferred to Tyndall AFB.
My dad left when I was 1

My mom converted to the LDS church and migrated us to UT.
(Actually lived in Washington Terrace and Brigham City...)

Within 2 years, she married another serviceman that was transferred to... Tyndall AFB!! LOL! So BACK we went, to the same area where my dad still was. 

We lived in MANY homes and areas all within about a 60 mile radius for about the next decade 

until my mom wishing to get away from MY dad again...
took us BACK to UT!
(Both Brigham City again and then Roy.)

Of course then I was able to fly back and forth between the 2 through my teen years, so it still felt a little like home during those years, too. I married a BOY (can't say man... he WAS quite immature...  ;p  ) that went into the Air Force, and I went to stay with my dad when he went to basic training. 

I met him in Illinois for his fire school training 

and we got stationed in... FL!! This was Hurlburt Field, 

which was about an hour from where my dad was. SWEET!! 
(We were in Okaloosa County and Dad was in Bay County.)

So we lived in a few places between Mary Esther and Ft Walton Beach for the next few years. 
Oldest daughter was born in Ft Walton Beach.

THEN he is sent to... GUAM!!
(We lived on Anderson AFB, went to church in Yigo,
son was born at the Naval Station.)

GUAM? Where's GUAM??? LOL! Did 2 years there, 

then he got out and we returned to... Roy, UTAH!
3 different locations there, then moved to Hooper.
(West of Roy toward the Salt Lake) 
Since then, I was divorced and I have been married to Mr Wonderful, the hubs (aka hubby), going on 13 years. We lived in Washington Terrace (Just south of Ogden) and West Haven (between Roy and Farr West)

He did his las 5 years of employment in Riverside, CA
(We loved the area there, too... I'll have to do a list for there, too.),  

retired, and we returned to UT 

where we have MANY adorable grandchildren
that made us burn a trail up and down I-15 for... SOooo...
We have built a home (We won't talk about the SNOW in MAY!)

and dug a cement pond in the backyard... 

So that MEANS we're STAYING PUT!! Right?

In ALL my life, that home in Riverside is THE LONGEST
I've ever lived in ONE home consecutively!! UGH! 

We've been back for 4 years now and I want to GO THE DISTANCE!! So tired of moving...

Check back next week for my Top and Bottom 10 Lists for living in FLORIDA!!


Paula said...

Wow, and I thought I topped the moving list ;-))) As my Mr. Wonderful is American and I am going to move to Florida in November I am very much looking forward to your list. Hugs from Munich, Germany

Sharon Cohen said...

I can relate to the life of a woman "born under a wandering star"! While other people fret and complain about the changes in life - people like you and me scratch our heads and wonder what it would feel like to have consistency, Congratulations on the latest changes!

Kristina P. said...

I grew up in Riverside! From the time I was 2-10. HATED it. I will never move back there. Ever. We still have family friends of 25 years, whom are like our family, that live there, and when I go baack to visit, it makes me realize how much I love Utah.

Kristin said...

I know every place you have lived in Utah beyond that I am beyond confused. I have family in Roy, Ogden, Lehi, Salt Lake City, Provo and Pleasant Grove, Centerville and I am sure several places in between. I love Utah and visit often. I am glad you like it.

Holly said...

My uncle found the love of his life in Germany and brought her back. They are now living in FL! LOL!! Small world, eh?
Sharon: Thanks you! I'm glad to see the constant changes come to an end, though. :D OK, so I still have a year to go till I equal the other home, but this time it's for good... I hope... LOL!! I guess I shouldn't say anything too final since God has a way of laughing when we try to tell him OUR plans! ;) So, staying is the PLAN!! How's that?? ((HUGS))
Kristina: We lived in the Orangecrest area and my modest dress shop was right next to Ensign Books! Small world! These are the 2 things I miss about living there. 1) The WEATHER 2) Dsineyland SoCal resident annual passes!! Kids get home from school and we'd say... Do your homework in the car, it's Disneyland for FHE tonight!! LOL!! It was AWESOME!! ;D
Kristin, we now live in Syracuse. I always compared Syracuse to Hooper and I REALLY loved the country living of Hooper. Hubby didn't live being as close to the lake as Hooper because there were really healthy mosquitos he was afraid would pick up the children and drop them into the lake... not that they'd drown, as the salt WOULD keep them afloat!! LOL!! So, we built in Syracuse... Compare Syracuse now to how Roy was in the 90s!! Not a whole lot of country left! We still love it... at least we're both in the mindset of not wanting to move again... Being close to family is the most important part!

((HUGS)) everybody!

sarah said...

I found you through Paula's blog and wow all that moving....Sarah

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