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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mindy Gledhill Concert! WHO'S WITH ME? BOOYAH!

I am SO EXCITED about this!! I had to do some creative thinking to get away with this being a Monday night. Granted, this COULD be a GREAT FAMILY event... SO that was my first suggestion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mindy Gledhill!! I had the pleasure of hearing/seeing her perform many of her songs from her new album at the Casual Blogger Conference in May and they are AWESOME!! I purchased her Feather in the Wind albumthere and it is my new favorite. She sings the soundtrack to my LIFE! So I told hubby I'd really love to go, but it's on a Monday, but we COULD go as a family! He wasn't too excited about paying that much for each family member to go when the concert wouldn't be his or the boys' (11 & 12) thing. So then I suggested, "What if we do a Family Home Day that day? That way, I'm there for it, but free to go to the concert that evening. His reply, "I think that'd be alright." WOOHOO!! BINGO!! BOOYAH!!

Her new album ANCHOR is due to be released Aug. 4. Those attending her release concert Aug 2 have the opportunity to purchase it then!! So, you better believe I WILL have that CD in my little hands 2 days EARLY!! My favorites (life songs of current life with hubby) from Anchor are: I Do Adore, Crazy Love, Anchor, California, & Circus Girl (Oh heck! ALL of them!)

You can hear tracks of these albums by clicking:
Now you KNOW I want to get my tickets ASAP so there are good seats left... So HERE is my question to YOU: WHO wants to go WITH me?? Lisa, Krista, Annette, Megan, CBC Conference goers that loved her,  Mom (I KNOW you lurk here, too...) ANYBODY...?? The tickets are $12 each. However, if you have a group of 6 or more, they are only $10 each! The concert is in Provo. Those in my local area... We could carpool! Let me know ASAP and we'll get our tickets together! How FUN is THAT??? I will plan on the BIG purchase no later than Monday. 

So TONIGHT I'm OFF to the Jon Schmidt concert at the Sandy Amphitheater with my 11 & 25 yr olds! SO FUN!!! You can BET there's an upcoming post ALL about THAT! 



Krista said...

Oh - thanks for thinking of me! I have school on Monday nights and Thursday nights, and since I spent last Thurs. night in the ER with Mimi, I have to try to see if they'll let me sqeeze in a make-up night this week. Otherwise, I would have loved to have gone. Please keep me in mind for future things because I do love things like that.

Unplanned Cooking said...

What a fun night for you! Enjoy.

Lisa said...

Sounds great~and I really love Mindy. I'll see what I have going on...I get back from Girl's Camp the previous Saturday~can't remember what my calendar says and I'm too lazy to check right now. Let you know by Monday, and thanks for the idea.

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