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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sugar Doll Award

WOW!! Thank you Emily!! Emily at Emily's Thought Blog gave me the Sugar Doll award.  
We got connected recently when my friend Karen at A Peek at Karen's World featured her and I had to go check her out! Then I did an awareness feature for my other friend Annette about her little boy on Epilepsy and Emily related with it... 
You SEE how we find each other and offer support and friendship?? It's a BEAUTIFUL thing!!  ;D

Once you have received the Sugar Doll award, 
you have to follow... A Few Rules

1.  Thank the person that gave you the award
2.  Share 10 things about yourself
3.  Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you recently discovered and think are fantastic
4.  Contact the bloggers and let them know you picked them for the award

10 Things About Me
1.  I'm bipolar and would love to educate the world that the STIGMA of the disorder is NOT reality. We CAN accomplish great things and live a good life when we seek to get the help we need. We DO have obstacles to overcome. If people would stop playing into the stigma and try to understand, the world will be a BETTER PLACE!   OK... ALSO, perhaps more people will seek the help they NEED to live a more productive life, as well.  ;D  There's even STIGMA IN the medical field... WTH?
2.  I use "...", "(((HUGS)))", and sideways smileys {  ;p  ;D  :)  etc... } WAY TOO MUCH!  ;p
3.  I use CAPS and bold as emphasis... I am NOT yelling.  ;D  WHO made up these cyber etiquette rules, anyway??? Call me REBEL...
4.  I have 6 step children (All now married with children)
5.  I have 4 biological children (1 married with DOGS, 1 in college, 1 in Jr High, & 1 in elementary)
6.  We have 16 grandchildren. I will be featuring one soon explaining his NALD and how we lost his sister at 16 months and he is fighting to go the distance at 26 months. (They said 6-16 months)
7.  The way things are and the way I PERCEIVE them aren't always the same... but SOMETIMES when people think I'm OVER reacting... I'm RIGHT on TARGET... *sigh*
8.  I am very conscious of others feelings... probably because mine have been hurt so regularly. I never purposely cause someone pain.
9.   My husband's first wife died of brain cancer. Hubby is the BEST and NEVER makes comparisons... However, it seems that the oldest never hesitates to send reminders that I will NEVER measure up. Although the others are quite supportive for the most part.
10. I am a photographer and LOVE to CREATE with my camera and PS

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Kristina P. said...

You must have an amazing family!

T said...

awwww... I was all worked up to give a thoughtful provoking comment about my sister and her struggle with her BiPolar disorder... but then I saw my name - and the flattery won out over sweetness and light - thanks!!!

T said...

okay - response post scheduled for the morning... I will apologize right now for not being good with rules... I've always thought of them more as "suggestions" any way :) thanks so much!

Cluttered Brain said...

AWW...oh so U noticed you use HUGS and all caps a lot too? I think it is your trademark...:) That's ok. I probably overuse the smiley face :) expression :) a bit too much too.:)
Congrats on your award and everybody else.


Sandra said...

Awwww Holly, thank you so much! What an honour and a priviledge...now to think of 10 things...I'm hungry at the moment so it might be easier for me to think of 10 things I'm craving! again, thanks for thinking of me! Oh, and love how you finangled me a cute button. I should have one end of August, my blog is being redesigned as we speak...errr...I mean write!

Krista said...

Thanks for the award! I'm going to have to think of 10 things that would interest people about me. I'm working on it!

Nan said...

Thank you for award , .....10 things about me it hard work for me. (just kidding!)

Nett said...

Thanks Holly! I am a bit raw this morning and stupidly busy. :) A million times over...thanks for keeping me grounded and sane! I adore you and will return the favor sometime in the next few days. :) Children's Parade in Ogden tomorrow and I gotta get Tay ready...plus a meeting at UofU.

I love you Sister!

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