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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Writer's Workshop: ALL ASSIGNMENTS

Mama's Losin' It

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Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept

This week's assignments are:
Hmmm... I did them ALL this week... 
You only NEED to choose ONE...
It's providing a distraction from things I SHOULD be doing... of course SLEEP isn't ONE of them...  ;p   *sigh*

1.) Describe someone in your life who you might not know as well as you think you know.
Ummm... MOST of the people I THINK I KNOW, probably... 
Don't all of us have sides of us we try to keep to ourselves???
However, I'm finding that TMI is coming out in this BLOG thing!! *sigh*

2.) Write a poem about a memory you sometimes wish would disappear.
This is a HAIKU... WARNING: It's NOT pretty... You MAY SKIP

Lost Innocence Haiku by Holly Jackson
Naive and trusting
The innocence of a child
Lost forever more

3.) Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy.
These are in no particular order...
  • When hubby bites my neck... Or... tell his stale jokes...  BAHAHAHA...  ;p 
  • Hubby holding me and doing his RAFIKI impression, "It doesn't matta', it's in da' past!"
  • My dogs CAN be quite entertaining and can't stand when I'm down... So it's their JOB to make me HAPPY  =D
  •  Taking AWESOME Photos and/or others appreciating my photography or crafts
  • Chocolate... the OTHER vitamin C!!
  • My children getting along and doing what they're SUPPOSED to. (I can DREAM... Can't I?) AND FAMILY interacting NICELY... Family saying "I LOVE YOU" without it being attached to something they WANT from me...  ;p  Family is GOOD!!
  • Grandson Vincent Giggling and doing well, cherishing each day as a blessing! (Saying "IN YOUR FACE" to the docs that said he wouldn't make it past 16 months... Yeah, baby! Let's GO THE DISTANCE!!  He's now 26 months and doing quite well!)
  • The VOICES of Sean Connery, Gerard Butler, Ewan McGregor or Liam Neeson or watching Patrick Wilson or Jim Caviezel on the screen... *sigh... just LOOK at those baby BLUES...* (YES!! HUBBY has BEAUTIFUL BABY BLUES!!)  =D
  • Listening to Jon Schmidt on the piano or favorite HAPPY music, or reading an intriguing BOOK! (ESCAPE from reality is GOOD!!)
  • READING AWESOMELY HILARIOUS BLOGS of funny friends like Bern This, Shades of BlondeBlue and Shoe, and Pulsipher Predilictions 
Please NOTE how Kristina is BLOCKING Jessica here... 
BONUS: Finding new Blog Friends to follow, be followed, and COMMENTS!  =D
(SHHhhh... don't TELL my guilty pleasures!)

4.) People would be surprised to learn that…
  • I modeled
  • I used to be musical
  • I am a HOME BODY
  • I am quite self conscious
  • I wasn't ALWAYS a MOOSE
  • I was a cheerleader and majorette
  • I was abused by my childhood stepfather... 
  • was in an abusive marriage for 6 weeks to a narcissistic, prescription drug addicted PSYCHO; So THAT's why he wanted me pregnant right away... so I wouldn't LEAVE when I found out that EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I KNEW about him WAS a LIE... WRONG! 18 violations against a protective order... Thank you GOD for helping me OUT of THAT! COUNSELING HELPED! *WHEW*
  • WONDERFUL Hubby has more patience in his little finger than I have in my WHOLE BODY
  • I met up with AWESOME people in NYC! 
...that would be the famous blogger KAREN on the LEFT there... (she's quite funny, too) In NYC after seeing Barefoot in the Park on Broadway! SO FUN!!

Oh yeah... AND Patrick Wilson!! *sigh* LOL!

5.) A snappy comeback!
Thanks for this one, my COLLEGE BOY!! LOL!

"If the world didn't SUCK, 
we'd all fall off!"


Stef said...

Love IT! And I am so glad that you got out of that abusive relationship. That is just wrong!

Lisa said...

Six weeks? How long had you known the freak? So glad for tender mercies. Pretty much you're awesome!

Holly said...

Obviously not long enough... but he WAS QUITE the charmer... Me a single mom with 2 little ones... He said and PRETENDED ALL the right things. This one is a LONG post of it's own. BLEH! You know, I think sometimes you just WANT them to be for REAL SO BAD that you overlook the little red flags that make MOST PEOPLE GO HMMM??? My older sister was onto him from the get go. He didn't like her much! ;p

ACTUALLY, the MARRIAGE was LONGER because HE used EVERY STALL in the BOOK... it was 6 weeks when the bishop was at my house talking to him trying to get him to leave... Police came... Protective Order ISSUED... advised by said bishop that this man has more problems than I should try to handle. For my and my kids protection RUN and DON'T look back. So NOT wanting to be like Lot's wife... I did just that... with a LOT of counseling and being harassed while working a grave shift, having 2 kids AND being pregnant... I survived. *sigh* It took current wonderful hubby meeting WITH ME and my counselor before I could trust that he was for REAL... She helped me iron out the SUBSTANCE behind the MAN he appeared to be... and WAS! He's such a BLESSING! I'm one of the LUCKY ones!! ;)

Cheryl said...

Wow - sounds like you've lived quite the adventure!!!

Sandra said...

1. You are not a moose, quite the contrary
2. You are hilarious!
3. Such a delight, I read the entire post.

Dominique said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Good to hear that you are doing well.

Penny @ iCouldbeFake.com said...

"I was abused by my childhood stepfather.."

So was I.

How are you and your sister doing?

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