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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writer's Workshop: BAD BURN & Video Clip & TTTT

This week's assignments are:
Mama's Losin' It1.) It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!
Hmmm... Which one??? I am fair skinned with blue eyes... I only burn and freckle... Here are the most memorable ones:

Once I fell asleep on the beach when I was with my cousin... Blisters and hardly able to wear clothes after ensued... This was about 1979-80...

As if I DIDN'T learn my lesson THAT time, I did it again about 1984 when I went to the beach with my dad and he went for a walk... I won't say WHERE he walked, but it was somewhere I couldn't go... *sigh* and he was gone TOO long!! After a couple HOURS, some creepo came and asked if he could put lotion on me... Thank GOD, dad decided to come back at the right moment and creepo disappeared!! WHEW!!! Yeah... blisters, and hardly able to wear clothes AGAIN!!

Another time I went boating with neighbors about 1985 and I DID put block on, but I missed a long wide strip on the front of my calf... BLISTERS... Funny, NOW you can tell which leg because there are TONS more freckles on that leg.  ;p

I am usually pretty careful about reapplying sunscreen now... ;p  and for my kids. NONE of them are as fair as me, though... I see that as a GOOD THING! THEY can actually TAN!!

Now, there was the worst burn of all that wasn't from the sun. I was cooking rice pudding (1983) and it says NOT to come to a BOIL... and it started... so I hurried and picked up the pot. The handle broke and thankfully, the pot spilled AWAY from me instead of toward me... Got my thigh through my pants... Ran to the shower and pulled off the britches, put the shower with cold water on... Then my step dad put BUTTER on it!!! Emergency room, 3rd degree burns in the middle of it... second around the sides. Thanks to Sylvadene I lived through it. I sure wish you could buy that stuff over the counter!! Then one of the "witchy" girls I cheered with gave me crap about it because she had to adjust to the other thigh to   CLIMB me for a stunt... As if I DID it JUST to inconvenience her! Yeah... never cared for that one much... but that COULD be a whole post in itself. But I will REFRAIN! LOL!!

2.) Write a poem for your furry friend.
I wrote one about my grandma's dachshund in like 1988, but I don't know where it is at the moment. LOL!

3.) Describe a memorable camping trip.
Hmmm…. This will be when I FINALLY post my TREK experience!  ;D
COMING… to this BLOG… soon!

4.) It happened on a motorcycle.
Yeah... nothing on this one...
5.) Post a vlog that shows you playing with your kids.
OK, I'm USUALLY NOT IN the videos...  and I don't have a cool little VLOGGY camera...
You see, the idea of being a photographer is that you are BEHIND the camera instead of in FRONT of it. LOL!! So I did find one from years ago that I'm in with my DOGS... and a few of my kids happen to appear in it, too. So, ENJOY our funny compilation of clips with our dogs!! (This was when Jake was still agile enough to jump off the couch by himself!!  ;p

Tell The Truth Thursday

The question this week is :
What is one of the most important lessons you've learned?
    So as not to turn this into any more of a marathon, please refer to the answer of #1 above and then the response below.  ;D
    Lessons learned from these experiences:
  • I am fair skinned and I must use sun screen
  • Sunscreen must be REAPPLIED every few hours
  • I have blue eyes and wearing sunglasses and a hat can help prevent a migraine!
  • If I were going to the beach with DAD again, bring my cousin or a friend so I'm not left alone on a beach for hours where creepos lurk
  • I do NOT TAN... but I can look like a lobster, blister and FRECKLE... a LOT!
  • NEVER put butter or ANYTHING greasy on a burn of any kind!! It will seal in the heat and continue to COOK the tissue!!


Weezer said...

Oh, sunburn! I'm redheaded...and embarrassingly freckled. And I'm from the baby oil (or Crisco) and iodine generation. Sun screen? We had no idea.
But I actually fell asleep in front of a sun lamp one time. I was trying to get my skin acclimated to the sun before the real summer came along. Yeah. My face!! I could feel every little tiny string on the wash cloth.
And you know what?! I still don't like to use sunscreen.
Love the video of your little furry babies.

Paula said...

I love my freckles. Jolly, found you via BF and know what you mean when you talk about STIGMA - I even made a painitng about it in art therapy. I am suffering form PTSD with a major depression. However I am attending trauma therapy, next intervall starts next Monday.
I will follow you and my personal blog about my recovery is:

T said...

ouch - I've been debating writing up my worst burn experience, but it makes me look like somewhat of a whiny moron...

oh wait, like THAT would surprise anyone :)

Kristina P. said...

My last burn was when I put a pot of brown butter on a cool burner, and it caught the lip and fell. It wasn't even a second degree burn, and it hurt SO bad. SO bad.

Cluttered Brain said...

That video was funny!
You have cute dogs.
I can't remember my last sunburn...
i honestly try and STAY out of the sun....Really.
I mean that. :)


Crystal Escobar said...

oooh, ouch!!!
Hey thank you for visiting me for follow friday. I'm now following you back. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Summer said...

I don't usually sunburn except on my nose, with freckles. But it does not sound like fun. I know I'm lucky like that- but I have no luck anywhere else. lol

The Redhead Riter said...

Thank you for participating in Tell The Truth Thursday!

The not being able to tan part is one of the most painful lessons fair skinned people must learn. It is just so aggravating! Ouch!

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