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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Writer's Workshop: GREAT Mom Moments

This week's assignments are:
1.) Write about your wedding song. What was it and why did you choose it?
I covered this assignment on Monday's post.  ;D

2.) A movie you probably should have previewed before letting your kids watch.
I covered this assignment on Tuesday's post.  ;D

3.) We talk about mother's guilt a lot...who needs it? Describe a good mom moment!

When EACH of my babies were born! (OK, gotta' go find the first 2... I'll upload and switch for the first when I do.)

Country Gal (1989)
College Boy (1991)
Stitch Kid (1997)
Silly Boy (1998)

Whenever they hug me, kiss me, tell me they love me, or do the things that are asked of them. When they get along, do nice things for others, and make good choices!

This photo is from 2004

and my other(s) from another mother... LOL!!  Hmmm... Doesn't work as well as when "Heartbreaker" would say lt to my boys... "Your my brutha' from anutha' Mutha'"  ;p 
This photo is from 2001
They are AWESOME!! ;D
Especially when I don't feel judged by any of them... 
COME ON! You know when you're bipolar and have THAT many... 
It's NOT going to ALWAYS be PRETTY.  ;p

One thing that is VERY COOL is that our 2 out-of-state kids and their families are on their WAY HERE! They will arrive by this evening! WOOHOO!! We haven't had the WHOLE FAMILY together since December of 2007!! Tomorrow we go to Mt Timpanogos Cave and in the evening we are FINALLY updating our Family Portrait!! YAY!! Saturday we will swim, BBQ, and just ENJOY the time we have together!! Sunday, the "out-of-staters" head back to their homes and the daily grind continues like our lovely weekend never happened. Such is life... BUT we will have the pictures/portraits and memories to PROVE that it DID!  ;D

But I have to say that the MOST WONDERFUL MOM MOMENT was the day that my other three children were sealed as one for eternity with the rest of us!! ("Artsy" couldn't get off work that day and "Happy" was on his mission, so they weren't with us for the pic.) Just knowing that we were now ALL bonded together and eligible for the blessings of eternity. *sigh*
The ones that were sealed that day.  ;D
This was the day before we moved to CA!

4.) Post a picture and a description that fits into this quote for you: "How far to heaven? Just open your eyes and look. You are in heaven" -Shankar
I will cover this assignment this coming Sunday! ;D

5.)Earthquake! Where were you when it happened?
Luckily, I've never been IN a BAD earthquake! I have felt tremors many times, though living in SoCal and along the Wasatch Front in UT. When I was in my shop the glass on the display cabinet rattling tipped me off. Sitting at the computer or in bed at home... (Computer or bed... Sounds about RIGHT! LOL!) I think other times too much has been going on and I didn't even notice. The equipment trucks digging for our swimming pool was DEFINITELY worse than ANY tremors I've ever felt... I was having a migraine of the days and just wanted them to be QUIET.... *sigh*

Mama's Losin' It

Now if everyone will pray for me to keep my moods in check for the duration of this BIG VISIT... I just might make it through without too much drama. Thanks!  (((HUGS)))


Cyrene @ MumInFlipFlops said...

Wow, I can't believe you've got almost all the prompts covered! Way to go! Haha.

You have a beautiful family. I come from a rather large one and LOVE all of them to pieces and look forward to the weekends when I can see them all!

I feel great as a mom every time my Little Miss kisses me (or licks me, which is her way of kissing haha).

Just Dawn said...

Have a wonderful visit. How exciting to have everyone there at once.
I'm visiting through Mama Kat's writing workshop :)

T said...

great moments.

our wussy little earthquake here last week had all my kids excited that now they could brag that they'd "lived through an earthquake"... I haven't had the heart to tell them what a Non-Event that was!

even-star said...

thanks for stopping by the dinner for two project!

Kristina P. said...

That sealing day must have been amazing! Wow.

Lisa said...

You're so good to have and post all these pictures. I'm far from adept. Fun to see you last night. I will probably just leave the gift I have for you on your front porch. I'm in and out all tonight and tomorrow. Have a wonderful time with your family. :)

Kelly Polizzi said...

Thank you for the follow Holly, I am following you back too. Absolutely love your blog. Had a good read and enjoyed the photos. I also enjoy the design of your blog, very nice :) Have a great weekend.

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