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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Opinion on Kyron Headline

Mama's Losin' It

This week's assignments are:

1.) Choose a headline from  The Today Show website and write up an opinion post based on the story you chose.

2.) Write a poem about the last thing that made you mad.

3.) Write about a joke that did not go over well.

4.) Write a funny story involving socks.

5.) It happened on Facebook...write about a funny or awkward conversation you saw unfold on Facebook.

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I chose #1:

This is so sickening!! Child Abuse and using children as pawns against a failing relationship is getting out of control! This brings back the reality that hit UT just 2 months ago with the abuse and murder of Ethan Stacy! This little boy lived with his dad and despite the dad petitioning the court to not have to send Ethan for a month long visit with his unstable mother, he HAD to send him. Only 4 days into that visit and this poor child suffered days of brutal abuse and was murdered at the hands of his step-father while his mother stood by and did nothing to help him. Then she helped cover it up. They dismembered his body and hid it in the canyon. SICK PEOPLE!! How utterly HEART BREAKING for the poor dad!! He also had other siblings through his dad... a whole family that loved him!
So IF BY CHANCE this WICKED STEP-MOTHER only had him kidnapped and hidden away somewhere... 
Let's ALL PLEASE keep him in our PRAYERS!! 
Here is his information:
I am fearful of the outcome; with all the injustices going on constantly in this world to children. People that USE children as pawns through the dissolution of a relationship, no matter how small, should have consequences. ESPECIALLY ones that harm a child for ANY reason!! But as REVENGE to an EX??? WTH???

I was pregnant when I got out of an abusive relationship. I filed for a protective order (which he violated 18 times) and divorce. I'd had 2 children through a previous marriage; a girl and a boy. He threatened that if I was going to keep him from his child, perhaps I would have to do without one of mine. He proceeded to TRY to check my daughter out of school!! (She was in the 2nd grade) Thank GOD I had given a copy of the protective order to the school and informed them of the situation. The receptionist said she'd call the class and went to the back room. She tried to call ne, then called my sis, and the police and returned telling him she was in the middle of a test and they would send her up as soon as she finished. He got nervous as time went on and left... HOLY COW!! TALK ABOUT SCARY!! Then he threatened that if he EVER got his hands on our child, I would NEVER see it again! Thank you JERK! (Trying to keep my blog PG... LOL!) These words made it so that if he were EVER to have visitation, he would have to schedule it through CPS and he would only be allowed supervised visitation through them. It was decided that I would be contacted once he arrived, bring the child, when the visit was over, he would be detained for 30 minutes after my departure as to not be able to follow... He NEVER requested visitation and my current husband was able to adopt him when he was 2! More tender mercies!!


Lisa said...

Holy junk, Holly. You have had some seriously interesting experiences. So young to have lived such a life. I'm glad you have worked things out so beautifully.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Wow, that's such a horrible story - and I'm also glad you've worked and made your life beautiful.

Amy said...

I can't believe the nerve of some people. How on earth a child can ever become a negotiation tactic is just absurd and shows obvious lack of understanding love.

I too so hope that little boy is found, but just as the little boy in Utah shows, situations like this do not always turn out so nicely.

Holly said...

Lisa, HOLY JUNK! HAH! You make me laugh! The BEST part about this scary story is that the Bishop that was at my home helping/protecting/guiding me through the end of this ordeal (who also married us against his will... I might add...) is also the one that made me more comfortable about returning to UT again. When we were looking at lots to build on and looking into the schools websites... His FACE was RIGHT THERE as the PRINCIPLE of the elementary school that boy would be attending. It was an answer to prayers and I knew it would be alright... So NOW YOU know who that great man was/is. ;)

Thank you all for your kind words of support and I will continue to pray for this and all children in sad situations. They deserve so much better! Here's the most recent on that story:

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