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Monday, July 19, 2010

Writing Workshop: #1 OUR Song - Wedding Pic

This week Is going to be a little crazy busy and I decided to break up the Writer's Workshop assignments for different posts so as not to overwhelm you in one post, and to prepost some due to time restrictions. (((HUGS)))

1.) Write about your wedding song. What was it and why did you choose it?
Unchained Melody: We BOTH loved that song and the words were so fitting with our current situations. AND BOTH of us to LOVE a LOVE song is miraculous... LOL!! I was not having a Beach Boys, Beatles, or Johnny Cash song!! ;p I EVEN converted him to MY favorite version of it! (Don't get me wrong, I do LIKE the Righteous Brothers version, but I LOVE LeAnn Rimes' version!)

Me and Hubs on our wedding day!
Isn't he SWEET???

Here is a FAMILY shot from our wedding. 
SEE what we joined together!  ;D
(This includes the wives and babies of the oldest 2.)  ;)

Have to admit, I DO wish we'd invested in a photographer!! These would have been SO MUCH BETTER! *sigh*
Mama's Losin' It


T said...

I don't have any spectacular photos of my wedding day... but in the end it's not nearly as important as the fact that we are married for time and eternity... I've made up for it since with many thousands of photos :)

Lisa said...

I love him kneeling before you. Isn't it wonderful, what can happen when we combine families for eternity?

Holly said...

Thanks! On Thursday's post I actually have the shot of when my 3 were sealed to the rest of us! That WAS a GREAT day!! ;D

Lisa said...

Hey! Okay, I checked for the concert date and I'M SO SORRY, but I can't go. We're going on a camping trip and we leave after church the previous day. And let me tell you how much more I'd rather be watching Mindy Gledhill than hosting ticks and spiders. I think you and I BOTH understand what I'm talking about. So go and think of me while you're humming to the beautiful music. And I'll kill a few mosquitos in your behalf. :)

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