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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awareness Wednesday: What's YOUR Cause? Link it UP! - Childhood Stroke and Dystonia

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This week the new entries start at #17. If you are new to the hop, please include previous posts to visit, learn and understand.  Thanks!!   ;D

This is to raise awareness of childhood stroke and dystonia. Colby's deep brain stimulation surgery is happening TODAY, the 25th of August!! There is a special request of his family for prayers, good wishes, and a posting of his button today on your blogs to help him through his procedure. This information comes directly from Erin, Colby's mom.

Read part of Colby's story:

Colby had E.coli poisoning, kidney failure and bilateral basal ganglia infarction’s. Or in plain English he had a massive stroke. This video shows his story and what he went through. He is a trooper and our hero. We’re so thankful for all the experiences that have changed our lives.
Updated August 10, 2010
Colby will be having Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery on August 25th, 2010.  We would like to ask for your support and prayers for the success of this surgery. We hope that it will give him some relief and comfort from his dystonia. He is in pain daily because of uncontrolled muscle movement and spasms. It’s painful, kind of like random charlie horses all over your body. In my highest hopes (which the doctors told me not to have) we pray that this will enable him to speak again and to be able to control his arm and hand movements. We ask that people will pray for the surgery to go smoothly with no complications or infections and that the surgeons hands will be steady.
If you don’t pray we appreciate any good thoughts and wishes you’d like to send our way. I believe in the power of positive thinking and believe it has healing powers as well. One small request for myself too if you don’t mind. That I can be peaceful and not have anxiety over this. I will be updating the main blog page as we get updates from the surgeon, as he goes into recovery and after he is settled back in his room. I will be tweeting updates as well, obviously only if I can and he doesn’t need me to comfort him at that moment. He is my number one concern and priority but I will update as I can.
Our goal is two fold, for healing and recovery but also to raise awareness of childhood stroke and dystonia. If you could post his button (button is on the right side panel of this page.) on your individual blogs on the 25th and ask your readers to pray for Colby I know that our goals can be accomplished. I have said and will continue to say that if we can help one person through our journey, save one person from the heartache of E.coli poisoning, or bring awareness to these conditions than it will all have been worth it.  Thank you for your help in accomplishing these goals.

We picked up Colby’s new back brace today. It’s camo.
Was there any doubt it wouldn’t be?
John brought up his body armor so they could be soldiers together.
I don’t have a picture of that yet but I will get one.
In the mean time here is a picture of Colby in his new brace.
The hole in the middles is so his feeding tube is accessible while he is wearing it.
It’s hard plastic with a foam insert on the inside.
It makes him sweat.
We will have to get the bottom right edge cut down because it’s leaving a red mark on his leg.
Hopefully it will help his scoliosis.

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