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Saturday, August 7, 2010

BEES Game Last Night! ;D

LOL!! Apparently the post I had prescheduled to post today posted yesterday... OOPS!  Nothing like an overload in one day!! Well, I've got something for ya' today, ANYWAY!  ;D

Last night our son-in-law had extra tickets to the BEES game. So we went with them. The down pour of rain on the way to the game really had us nervous. The clouds had somewhat broken up by the time we got there . They didn't bring the baby just in case of rain. *sniff* But since we DID occasionally get rained on, it was ALL good! The rain wasn't bad, though and it wasn't cold. Some wimps left, but we endured to the end!  ;p  
We did get a beautiful rainbow that stretched clear across the valley. It was beautiful and I was really wishing I had my camera, the wide angle lens and polarizer to capture the full beauty of it. But I guess it would have gotten wet, so that wouldn't have been good. So you'll have to be happy with these shots from our little camera that I pieced together.
See how few showed up because of the weather? 
This is US!! At the BEES game... 
Oh yeah, we WON!  ;D

Thanks Heartbreaker & Goofball!! 
We had a GREAT TIME!!

[She's "Heart-breaker" because when she got married, there were hopeful hearts throughout the Wasatch Front and Southern California BREAKING... and "GOOFBALL" is just that... always goofing around, but RESPONSIBLE, I have to add... and ENJOYS the fact that HE's the one that GOT HER!]  ;p


Now for our day of Joseph DRAMA
and the SWEET SOUNDS of Jon Schmidt !!  ;D
Since that concert is at an outside amphitheater, 
I'm REALLY praying the weather is good!!
It is quite a violent storm raging at the moment... 
so get it out Mother Nature... so we can have 
an enjoyable evening on the mountain!!


Kristina P. said...

How fun! Haven't been to a Bees game all year.

Lisa said...

Gorgeous rainbow! I guess that means it's not the year of our Lord. :) Have fun at your concerts!

Cheeseboy said...

The Bees play in the most scenic stadium in the country.

Is that a double rainbow?!

Summer Ross said...

great pictures! glad you had a good time rain and all.

The Redhead Riter said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

Jules said...

You're pieced together camera did fine and I loved the rainbow shot. Hope Mother Nature complies with your wishes. :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Holly said...

It was a double rainbow, but the second was very faint and only slightly seen to the left. It was so pretty!! ...and SCENIC!! ;D

The weather was too threatening and I had a migraine by Saturday night, so sadly I missed the Wolf Mountain Jon Schmidt concert. I was sad about that! The play was GREAT, though. ;D

Thanks for all your AWESOME comments!! I LOVE you guys!! <3

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