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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day of Culture: Joseph Matinee and Jon Scmidt TOMORROW NIGHT!! ;D

Tomorrow will be a day of 
bliss-FULL culture for our family!! 
Bank of Utah presents Jon at his annual performance at Wolf Creek Utah Ski Resort in Eden, UT. Tickets are $20 per carload. Advance ticket sales are not necessary and will be available at the gate the night of the show. Call 801-781-4131 for more information. Gates open at 6:00 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm. Lawn seating (regular lawn chairs are allowed), food is available for purchase or you can bring your own, no pets. For directions visit www.wolfcreekutah.com (click on "The Mountain").
I took this in July at the Sandy Amphitheater.

YES we are GOING!! Load up the car to maximum capacity, BABY!! $20 per CAR!!! Are you KIDDING ME??? What a DEAL!! (OK, I already knew that because we've gone to this one in years past. LOL!! But he is VERY ENTERTAINING and it is definitely WORTH IT!!
Yes, I'm also taking my boys to see the matinée of Joseph and the Technicolor Dream-coat put on by The Syracuse City Arts Council! I did the photography for them when they did Pirates of Penzance last year and it was AWESOME!! We have some TRUE TALENT in our community!! Looking forward to seeing Dayne Romero in the role of Joseph!

*I have not been compensated in any way to promote these events. 
These are my opinions from personal observations and likes.


T said...

$20 per car! that's awesome... wish we lived closer. hmmm... maybe I mean that I wish the venue was closer to where I lived :)

I've been so exhausted by my recent theatre goings that I just got up from a 3 hour nap - I feel MUCH better!!!

Dawn said...

What a fun community!

Lisa said...

Have a wonderful time! Fill your soul up with music, then come splash it all over us!

Holly said...

I did make it to Joseph and took lots of pictures. They did a REALLY GREAT job!!

I had a headache that was getting progressively worse on Friday. By 4pm on Saturday it was a migraine. The clouds looked threatening in the canyon and I just went to bed. Hubby came and told me it was clearing up, but I was in pain and just wanted to die at that moment, so I missed out on the sweet sounds in the beautiful surroundings... Bummer!

Tonya: If you get up this way, we'll find something cool to do!! When I get down there, it will be Alexes' turn to come up to SG and we'll have to do lunch or something!!

Dawn: This is a fun community. They even have a summer concert series in a nearby park. Next week is a play in the next community over called Noises Off. I'll be going to that one, too. ;D

Lisa, I'll have to post the slideshow of Joseph. It was AMAZING!! You should have COME!! ;D

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