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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fix It Friday #66 - Photo Roulette (Yes, I know it's Saturday)



Random 5th Folder 10th Image (SOOC)
(I had to do it again because it was a folder within a folder! HAH!!)
Little old Chubby (Jake) LOVES the water. When you first open the pool, he's just a'dancin' anxious to go for a swim! He's so funny! He'll jump in or cry for you to take him in. and then he swims to the step in the corner and sits until he either swims out again or lets us know he wants out. He may not speak our language, but he definitely is a communicator!! LOL! Here hubby had pulled him in and ointed him towards the step. He was just starting that journey! I think the pool is what gets him through the summer!! It makes life worth living again since college boy went off to get an EDUMACATION and left without him!! LOL!! Believe me, if college boy was allowed a pet in his apartment, he would steel my cute dog right out from under me. Jake would go in a heart beat, because college boy is his favorite person in this world. ANYWAY, Jake thinks we built the pool for HIM!!  ;D


Buckeroomama said...

Great job on the edit! :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ashley Sisk said...

Wonderful edit and great photo roulette photo...looks like your dog is a swimmer!

Summer Ross said...

Wonderful pictures. How does this photo roulette work?

Karen Peterson said...

I love editing photos. I rarely post an unedited picture on my blog or on Facebook anymore.

Cheeseboy said...

What a great second photo! That kid's eyes - wow!

I need a pool. Wish someone would build me one.

Nicole said...

Stunning :)


Holly said...

Thank you all!!
Summer, I just found the Photo Roulette one and thought it would be fun. It is!! Although it makes me post unedited things. LOL!! Click on the button for it and it will take you to the host. She gives you the #folder and # picture in the folder to post each week. So it's totally random and then you tell the story behind the picture. ;D
Cheeseboy: We just got this almost a year ago. (It was finished the end of Aug last year.) We have LOVED it and this little dog thinks we built it for HIM! LOL!! I think it gives him the desire to stay alive longer. LOL!! He's threatened to die on us several times... then perks up and goes again. Loving the pool gives him incentive, I think. He's a funny little old man!!

Cara. said...

I love the dog shot! So cute.
And thanks for the nice words about my photoroulette hop. I'm with you on the unedited thing... Plus all my old shots were with my point and shoot, since I just got my SLR this summer. Although you are totally allowed to edit if you want!
Thanks for linking up.

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