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Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashbacks of Florida Living

This month I've been thinking a LOT about my years in FL!! I DO want to get my family back there to see it!! My brother is still there! If we go further south (Cape Coral/Ft Meyers area) we'll find more relatives... Hmmm... WHEN and HOW... *sigh* I'll figure it out!!

My years of "LIVING" in the Panhandle of Florida range between 1970 and 1990. So many things have changed. When we were in Panama City in 2000, it had grown so much, hardly recognized it. I'm sure it's even more so now! Some of my favorite places from way back then don't even EXIST any more!! 
  • The Picture Show: burned (I worked here. It was VERY COOL!! You could have dinner and a show all in one place. There were tables on tiers and during the previews and waitress would come to your table to take your order. They had subs, pizza, regular theater stuff like candy, popcorn and drinks... They'd bring it right to YOU!)
  • The Treasure Ship: burned (I ate here multiple times)
  • Miracle Strip Amusement Park: sold and demolished (My summer entertainment... A visit to dad's wasn't complete without going to Miracle Strip! In the clip, you'll see a big devil head and snow creature. These were the COOLEST! LITERALLY!! It would be SO HOT and muggy outside. You'd get in here and it's air conditioned. There was an awesome ride in each. The lights would go out during the ride and there'd be a light show to music during the ride. LOVED IT!)
  • Captain Anderson II Dinner Cruise (Funny thing, the CAPTAIN's last name was really Henderson, I think they retired because I can't find any current info on it. There was a band, a bar, you'd go on a sunset/evening cruise for 3 hrs where you'd have an elegant dinner, dancing, and lounging on the deck to see the sites!)

One attraction that IS STILL THERE is Shipwreck Island!! If/When I get my family back there... you can bet one day will be spent at Shipwreck Island!! They will LOVE IT!!


Weezer said...

I spent many, many a weekend in Panama City and/or Destin. I grew up in Columbus Georgia and PC was the closest link to a beach...unless we went to Calloway Gardens. I can't believe the Pirate Ship is gone.

Penny @ iCouldbeFake.com said...

That is sad when stuff we're so fond of just disappear like that. That's happened to me also, including a school I went to as a child :(

Holly said...

Weezer: LOL! I lived in Callaway when I stayed with my dad for many years!! ;D Small world, eh?
Penny: What happened to Flashback Friday??
Yeah, it's hard going back to see where you grew up and hardly recognize it anymore. I guess life goes on... even in our absence!! ;D

Dawn said...

My town is very different from when I grew up as well ~ I especially am saddened by those changes that occurred in the name of "progress"
Love your blog & just gave you an award ~ hope you stop by

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