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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Country Gal! - Sunday Sounds: Daughter of a King

This is a beautiful song by Jenny Phillips
I felt it fitting seeing as how it is SUNDAY & my daughter's birthday! 

21 years ago today she (Country Gal) had quite a struggle coming into this world and I nearly lost my life. She was SO WORTH IT!! Love you , Sweetie!!
When I was due, they let her go 3 weeks over.
After I got stable enough to hold her and she was 
done with the pediatrician... We had a rough day!
OK, a rough few days! (Induced 3 days in a row.)

3 yrs ago (in Sept) she married her Prince Charming!

YES! She has ATTITUDE!  ;p
(Don't know WHERE that would come from... *sigh*)


T said...

Attitude is the best gift we can give our children... oh wait, maybe I'm misquoting... whatever, I like it better my way anyway!

Kristina P. said...

She looks sassy! I love her hair.

Holly said...

Yeah... I must get it from HER!! LOL!! Just kidding! She's FUN!!
Thanks Tonya and Kristina!! You're the BEST!! ;D

Summer Ross said...

These are wonderful pictures. Thanks for posting them. You must be very proud

Paula said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Sweet One! Her hair - like the others commented already is GREAT and for sure I lvoe her attitude. Thanks for sharing. Love this particular glimpse into your life

Holly said...

Awww... Thanks Summer and Paula! She went to beauty school, so you know that means she HAS to be "stylin'"! ;D Still trying to figure out how I got 2 girls that went to beauty school and neither wants to TOUCH MY HAIR!! They say it's too thick and takes too long. UGH! I guess that's why mine mostly always looks the same and boring... I don't want to put that kind of time into it, either! HAH!! ;p

Charlotte said...

Hello, Holly. It's so nice to meet you. I'm glad you chose to link on Spiritual Sundays. There will be a new link up sometime this evening. We hope you will share with us again.
I can relate to this. My daughter was born almost 50 years ago. She was 3 weeks late. The doctor finally had to do a c-section after I had been in labor for many hours. She was such a delight. I told her she was almost a month old when she was born. lol She was so alert. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.
And the bipolar thing, I have a cousin who is bipolar. She always signs her name "the Bipolar Chick".
Have a good weekend.

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