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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silly Boy's First Day of School

This week's theme for Shutter Love Tuesday is:
First Day of School

I'm actually putting a shot that was from when my BABY (aka Silly Boy) 
went to HIS first day of school because I wanted to talk/blog about it a bit. 
This was in 2004 when my little boy was SO EXCITED to be like the BIG KIDS and go to SCHOOL!! He was so sad the year before that he couldn't go! He did NOT want to have anyone hold his hand or be walked in... To ME, this was my young flying the coop! Going OFF into the lone and dreary WORLD!!

Mind you, this photo WAS taken with a pretty lousy camera, but the color WAS pretty good... However, in wanting to sharpen it up a bit... I had to do a little EXTRA editing to portray the way I FELT watching my little MAN ventured into the great BEYOND!! So if the school looks dark and cold and the color a bit subdued... NOW you know why. I was recreating MY mood in the edit. 

Had I edited to HIS mood, the colors would be VIBRANT nad the school would be ALL the colors of the rainbow! LOL! But this is MY BLOG... And I'll portray my mood through IMAGERY if I WANT to! HAH!!  ;p

Now my BABY is in the sixth grade and Stitch Kid is up to the BIG Jr High!! *sigh* College boy has begun his sophomore year!! The others are all married and have homes and families of their own... The years just seem to FLY... Don't they? So even though mine are getting OLD, and ALL that JAZZ... I DO remember and my heart goes out to all you moms sending your little ones off...  



FYI: Most of my photo hop entries are at PixPlus to reduce clutter here.
Occasionally I will put a few here.  ;D



Kristina P. said...

How time goes by!

Jules said...

Yes it your blog! :) Such a precious little man he appears to be. Since sentiment :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Self Sagacity said...

Just landed here from FMBT, so many wonderful reads on your blog. I followed you, hope you'll stop by and follow back Self Sagacity.com. Thanks for the support and have a great day.

Ewa said...

time goes so quick, my daughter started school the same year as your son, it's seems so long ago

Lori said...

Oy! That brought me some goose bumps. My little girl and your son are the same age. I also have one who is a Senior in HS this year so my stomach churns everytime that I think about him moving off to college next year at this time. :(

Garden of Egan said...

Love the photo and the teaching. I'm very new to my addiciton to photography. I love your site.

Courtney said...

Time flies, doesn't it?! Great shot of your little guy heading off to school.

Lisa said...

Yes, it IS your blog, and YOUR feelings...and I share them, too. Aren't we glad that it wasn't his mood? Jules didn't even want me to take her this year. Just hopped on her bike and rode away~course it was just two weeks after the previous year ended. Might have something to do with it. :)

Lindsay said...

Following you now thanks to FMBT!


bernthis said...

I cannot believe my kid is SEVEN! Since I only have one, I dread the day she flies the coop b/c then I really am one and done

Holly said...

Thanks everybody!! Yes, I AM glad it wasn't his mood! He STILL loves school, learning, and reading! That's a GOOD SIGN... RIGHT? ;D

As for it being MY BLOG and MY feelings... wel... some of us KNOW how THAT can get me into TROUBLE! LOL!!! ;p Well, this one was innocent enough! ;D

Lisa: 2 weeks she barely blinked in summer fun... Silly boy definitely felt cheated!! I think he'll enjoy next month when he's off and everyone else is in school. Is she on B, too?

Tauna: I am doing much of my photography posts at http://pixplus.blogspot.com I have buttons from photo challenges all over the blogosphere posted in my sidebar. Many have a lot of educational information, too.

Jessica: 7!! 7?? Oh yeah... she'll be OFF in NO time! LOL!! I don't think we can ever write you off as one and done! Too many people LOVE YOU!! ;D

(((HUGS))) to EVERYBODY!! ;D

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