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Friday, August 27, 2010

Top and Bottom 10 Lists - When I Lived in FL

When I talk about having lived in FL to people from FL (except the ones that were from the AREAS I was from, of course), they chuckle and tell me I lived between AL & GE up there in the Panhandle... (Panama City, Tyndall AFB, Mary Esther, Ft Walton Bch, St Andrews, Callaway, Pt St Joe, Grand Ridge, Marianna...) REAL FLoridians come from the BOOT of the state. WHATEVER.  ;p  My addresses said FLA (before they shortened it to FL. LOL!) So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! (The government's, too!)  ;p  
Sorry, my lists are in no particular order...  *sigh*  
I'm too disorganized for that!

10 Things I Miss About FL:
  1. Lightning that cracks across the sky and splits off in every direction 
  2. It can rain like cats & dogs in your front yard and shine the sun down in your back yard... at the SAME TIME!
  3. WHITE sandy beaches where the view of the sand dunes reminded me of snow.
  4. If you went to the right beaches (favorites as an adult were Navarre & Destin, Panama was getting too crowded!) the water was clear emerald and the white caps of the waves as they crashed down accentuated the brilliance of the color. 
  5. Palm Trees and tropical plants. EVERYWHERE you look there's GREEN & LUSH foliage!
  6. Wild Blackberries in the fields nearby!
  7. No State TAX
  8. Airbrush artists EVERYWHERE (Do they still DO that or was that a 70s-80s thing??)
  9. Dinner Cruises (Captain Anderson II sailed the sound for a 3 hr dinner cruise - Yeah... I worked for them, too! Reservations and waitressing)
  10. Blackwater River Canoe trips! This was MY YOUTH CONFERENCE experience! ;D

10 Things I Don't:
  1. Water bugs... (AKA GIANT Cockraoaches) OK, ALL the BUGS! LOL! 
  2. Crab Grass with stickers
  3. Pine Trees
  4. Humidity: Walk outside for 3 minutes and you're dripping sweat... Don't bother fancy hair dos and makeup!! PONYTAIL & SUNGLASSES, BABY!!  ;p
  5. Snakes
  6. Blistering Sunburns
  7. Flea Infestations
  8. swamps (& critters that homestead in and near them!)
  9. sump pumps (that you have to have in order to have plumbing because the water table is too high...)
  10. Jelly Fish and Seaweed


Garden of Egan said...

Our likes and dislikes are similar!!!!!
However, I've never experienced jelly fish or fleas.


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Holly said...

Geezer: I checked out your blog and am following now. ;D

Tauna: I laugh when I see flea product advertisements here. I've NEVER seen a flea in UT! I was SO particular about dipping my pets regularly and keeping them away from areas that may have them because they were SUCH a PAIN to get rid of and so annoying!

There were certain beaches (St Andres's in Panama City) that had so many jeely fish we would NEVER go in the water there even though it was a few blocks from our house. OUCH!! I was so paranoid of them and personally never got stung, but my sister did.

I feel confident in saying I don't think you would like either... either! LOL!

Java said...

Wow those are some really interesting facts that I didn't know!!

Hope you have a great weekend Holly!

Krista said...

I lived in Florida when I was in the third grade! I remember my brother waking up in the car saying he had a dream about jelly fish.....and peanut butter fish!

Paula said...

Oh Holly, such a busy week. ONly now time to update myself. I truly love oyur list. Have learned a lot. Now I will not only fear snakes but fleas too. SIGH. If you dont mind I would include your post in our blog about my move to Florida. Have a wonderful weekend.


Number 7 on your 1st list is especially appealing to me. We are being taxed to death here in California! :-(

bernthis said...

Oh how incredibly beautiful those beaches sound. Hopefully the spill in the gulf has not destroyed that.

Holly said...

Thanks Java! It's been a busy and headache filled weekend... but still much GOOD in it! Hope yours was good, too!!

Krista: Oh MY!! LOL!! Peanut Butter Fish!! I see a Sponge Bob episode writing in your future!! LOL!!

Paula: Your welcome to use my post, I just requst that you would link it back to me. Thanks! And don't worry about the fleas too much, they can be controlled if vigilant. ;D

Geezer: I lived in Riverside, CA and owned a bridal shop there for 5 years. I understand EXACTLY what you mean... It's not much better in UT. I wonder if FL is STILL income tax free? They were when I left there in 1990. ;D

Jessica: They haven't had hardly any effect there. I'll have to recheck the status, but I was checking it out about a month ago and it was still beautiful. ;D

Lisa said...

I'm so sheltered, I only have a likes and dislikes from Roy and Syracuse...oh, and Logan, from going to college. I have, however, flown on an airplane now~which is something I couldn't say until I was married. See? Line upon line. So glad you're in Utah, more specifically Syracuse, now.

Holly said...

Oh how I LOVE you Lisa!! (((BIG HUGS))) ;D

We could probably share Roy and Syracuse lists!! HAH!! ;p

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