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Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11: Commemorating Something SWEETER! (WHILE Never FORGETTING)

I will never forget those that lost their lives, the survivors, and those 
that have fought for the good of our nation... due to the tragedy of 9/11... 
I am honestly shocked at how it is so trivialized today!

However, in 2005 we had reason to celebrate this day. Our sweet Whitney was born to "Heartbreaker"! Such a better thing to commemorate this day. I want to share a bit about Whitney!!

We were living in SoCal, where I ran a modest bridal shop. I was attending the Bridal Market in Las Vegas when I got the call that Whitney was born. I felt the need to BE THERE! They were in Rexburg, ID. I called Hubby and asked him about putting a sign on the shop and message on the answering machine at the shop so I could drive up and be with them for a bit. I drove up to Idaho. Whitney was having a hard time nursing but we just figured they had to get the hang of it.  They kept her in the hospital.

A mom going home without her baby is very difficult. "Heartbreaker" is much like her dad. She is very optimistic and tries to always see the glass as half full! She is such an example to me of strength, faith, and perseverance. Her husband had gone to bed because he had to get back to classes the next day. She was trying to smile and saying that she was glad that Whitney was in good hands where they can help her in the hospital and she hoped they could figure out what was wrong. I asked her if she needed a hug and she broke down and cried and I just hugged her. (Sometimes you just gotta' let it out.) She was trying SO HARD to be strong. My heart ached for them having to be in this situation. Here she had just had a baby and this is a time that moms are supposed to recover... and cuddle with their babies in the comfort of HOME... yet she was going every couple hours to do feedings at the hospital with Whitney. She was exhausted. When they finally allowed Whitney to come home, I tried to help every way I could. She ended up having to go back into NICU. She was losing weight, wouldn't eat... It turned out she had a poor sucking reflex. She was expending more calories trying to get something down than she was getting. They started supplementing with a feeding tube. They could tell something wasn't right, but they didn't know what at that point. They figured "some kind of syndrome"... She needed more tests to narrow it down. [They didn't get the proper diagnosis for 3 months. Oh how we would have more appreciated a less severe diagnosis. Neonatal Adrenoleukodystrophy  (On the Zellweger Spectrum) was terminal. They didn't know how long she would survive.]

Hubby and "Artsy" came up and joined us as soon as it was discovered "something" wasn't quite right.. "Happy" was up there with his family attending BYU-I, already. So we had quite a group!  ;D

Hubby was able to drive with me home. I was grateful for that and for the time I WAS able to be there...

This is when I began to feel bitter about the shop. I felt trapped. I wanted to be able to help them out as long as they needed and I HAD to get back to THE SHOP!! This is when my after school employee/bishop's daughter first saw me break down after a rude customer left; but not the last... (Sometime I will do a whole post on ruthless people that tout a holier than thou attitude while taking advantage of and attacking individuals that are trying to be helpful at their own expense...) This is when I started relying more on an employee to function without me there on occasion to get a break... That did NOT go well. (I couldn't afford a better qualified employee... I pretty much HAD to be there ALL the time...)

Have a wonderful birthday with your ancestors, 
Jesus, and the angels, baby!! 
I love and miss YOU!!
And BIG (((HUGS))) to your AWESOME mom, dad, 
and little brother!!

Ni Hao Y'all


Costa Rica Baby! said...

What a beautiful tribute to Whitney. I never knew her and feel like I love her. Thank you for sharing such a personal story.
On a side note it is unbelievable how some customers can behave...really! I saw a sign once, "All our customers bring us joy, some when they walk in and others when they walk out!" :D
Isn't that the best quote?

Karen Peterson said...

I remember the months of praying and wondering and worrying about Whitney. Such a sweet little one. I bet she's making a lot of people smile on the other side.

Paula said...

"Lord, take me where You want me to go,
let me meet who You want me to meet,
tell me what You want me to say,
and keep me out of Your way."

--Father Mychal Judge, OFM
--Chaplain, New York Fire Department
--First official recorded victim of the 9/11 attacks

My heart goes out to you and yours.

Holly said...

CRB: I LOVE that QUOTE!! I think I'll have to use that as the TITLE when I do that post! LOL!

Karen: You and the Lair group were such a great support to me!! LOVE you guys!! OK, you still ARE!! ;D

Paula: Thank you! You're always a great support to me, too! Even though this was on US soil, it totally pulled the rug out from the WORLD... Don't you think??
She had the sweetest disposition; everyone that met her fell in love with her. Now the same holds true for Vincent. Such SWEET spirits!!

Dawn said...

she's beautiful ~ touching tribute

Jess and Tim said...

Whitney left a beautiful mark on this earth while she was here and now is a beautiful soul in heaven! It was a pleasure reading about her and seeing her beautiful pictures!

Garden of Egan said...

Wow Holly. I loved that story.
It's amazing the strength of that mom and dad. What a beautiful Angel Baby.

Side note:
That's the hospital I currently work and have worked for the past 14 years. I'm in the ER though. I hadn't heard of her little story before today.

Thank you for sharing it.

quilt-n-mama said...

Beautifully written.

Holly said...

She did leave a beautiful mark on this earth... and our hearts...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments.

Tauna: WOW!! That was a regular spot for them for quite some time. Too bad you weren't in NICU!! We could have gotten to know each other in 2005!! ;D

When her hubby went to do his internship in NYC, she and Whitney came to our house in SoCal and they got acquainted with the hospital in Moreno Valley, too... Grrr... He graduated and he took a job with the church as the accountant for the church ranch in Melbourne, FL. That was HARD having them so far away. We moved back to UT and and they came to visit for Christmas of 2006. Whitney was gone within a month, which came unexpected, even though we had been PREPARED... but she was doing so well during the visit. We were so grateful for that visit!! And the family picture we took during it!! ;D

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