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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hobbies? Linking Up with The Redhead Riter ;D

Do you have a hobby?
Well, I think most anyone that knows or has followed me, already knows that I am into photography. I have always loved photography. I dabbled in in as a child. My little sis had me DO some shots for her in a park way back in the early 90s. (After we came back from Guam. Had 2 kids by then...) Later, my baby sis had me do engagement shots for her.  My children have been tortured from the time they  were born.

When I had my bridal shop in SoCal, I gained new hobbies and upgraded many skills. One of those was photography. Add Photoshop 7.0 to that and creating my own ads... When we sold the shop and moved to UT, Photography and design took over. I've taken numerous courses and am always upgrading the knowledge department. I look at shoots I did back in 2006 and can visually see huge improvement to the present. There will always be more to learn and new technology and techniques coming out... So this should keep me busy till I die. Especially since I AM kind of OCD when it comes to the processing. I'd love to pick the brains of some of these photographers that do 2 and 3 weddings a week... ??? They MUST be paying a lab to do the processing. Or they don't process them. I don't get it... ANYWAY, I post some of my photo fun and challenges at Pix Plus now.

It's been more difficult the last few months to do the processing and I know I have a few people that may be a bit frustrated with me. My computer has been on the fritz with Photoshop and I NEED a better computer/processor. Hubby is my HERO and ordered my new one yesterday!! I should have it in 7-10 days and then he won't have to worry that I may snap and smash my CPU... He's been around when I've spent a TON of time editing an image just to have it crash when I try to save it. GAH!! It's NOT pretty and getting WAY too frequent. It makes every task more overwhelming and gives me anxiety just thinking about all the work that has been done over and over.... *sigh*  I LOVE HIM!! ;D  <3

Tell The Truth Thursday

First, the GIVENS... DUH... LOL:
Photo Editing
Designing on my computer

(Ummm... skipping...)



Blessing dress I made for granddaughter  ;D


I used to be more musical, crafty and sew more...  Reading is sporadic between other projects because when I get INTO a book, all else falls by the wayside. But I read a LOT of articles, news, and blogs... Does that count, too?  I haven't been too good at the decorating lately. I get through the planning phase and fall short of actually ACTING on those plans...  *sigh*

I think it's part of the bipolar that I'm either aimlessly bouncing from one thing to another... or totally consumed by one thing. Understanding this makes it so that I can consciously try to do what I MUST... (The meds help... not enough...)  ;p  Sometimes I REALLY WISH I could AIM the CONSUMED part... THEN I could accomplish what I NEED to and maybe even get my house all the way CLEAN... Yeah.......  ;p

If I get the chance later (like tomorrow or Saturday...), I'll link up our kitchen adventure highlighting our adventure in the kitchen yesterday from my "Tasty... or NOT..." Blog. That's my Adventures in the KITCHEN Blog... I am definitely not Susie Homemaker, Betty Crocker, Julia Child, etc... I share great recipes I've found (and credit/link when possible) and sometimes post about the actual adventure we had. Frequently that poor blog is neglected and on the "back burner". I DID take pix of our lovely adventure yesterday. Hubby and I made a nice mess... Of course I zoomed into the food so you couldn't SEE all the mess! HEHE!! It was fun cooking together!! I did the casserole and assisted him in making the fresh peach pie! It was YUMMO!! (((HUGS)))


Karen Peterson said...

Holly, you are a fantastic photographer!

It's one of those things I'd really like to spend more time on, I just can't afford to buy a decent camera. Someday...

Now I'm totally craving peach pie...

Kristina P. said...

I definitely like to bake too, but I don't do it nearly enough!

Kristin said...

Hobbies...too many to name, I adore reading I could let to house work go if I could spend all my time reading. I love to cook, can't forget oil painting, tole painting and sketching and just plain shopping I can do that for hours. I also love to decorate and redecorate. I also love music and enjoy teaching and singing, although I must admit I am not much good at the singing part. I do also enjoy dancing. (I bet you can see the bipolar coming out in me:))

moonduster said...

Reading about your loving photography even as a child reminded me of my childhood attempts at photography. I used to love taking photos of my friends, and I was always careful to frame the shots very specifically. LOL!

Dawn said...

very talented!

Shauna said...

I am following you now! Dinner was great! I had so much, thanks :)

Holly said...

Thanks!! ;D

Karen: There's actually quite a bit you can do with a point and shoot, too. I know! Move BACK to UT and I'll TEACH you!! Hehehe!! I'm thinking on doing some basic tutorials on my photography blog. I'll let you know. ;D

Kristina: I don't nearly enough, either. But we all love the result when I do. Well... except the long term result of it all clinging to me forever more. *sigh*

Kristin: WOW!! You are a woman of MANY talents!! I wish I could paint. The best I can do is use my camera and Photoshop as my paint brush. I did take a class on techniques of making a photo look like a painting. REALLY COOL!! Quite time consuming, too.

Moonduster: I've done mini lessons with my younger boys. My 11 yr old is doing REALLY good! It starts YOUNG!

Thanks Dawn!

Shauna: Yes it was FUN & YUM!! ;D

Kristin said...

I will make a deal with you if you will teach me how to take amazing photographs, I will teach you how to do any of the talents I have, but keep in mind I don't have a great singing voice and I only dance when I cook. My sister lives in Lehi and I would love to meet you. Let me know what you think.

Garden of Egan said...

Holly, I think we might be twins. Seriously.

You sound like me!

I would love to see more of your photos.
I did my very first wedding last week and had done the engagment and prebridals for this couple. Had a total blast.

I am a Nikon fanatic though. Can we still be friends?

Krista said...

Thanks for getting together the other night. Sooo much fun! It was nice to laugh again. Your food looks yummy! Let's get together again soon!

Holly said...

Kristin: WHERE do YOU live?? Meeting up would be AWESOME!! ;D I'm actually considering doing some tutorials on my photo blog. http://pixplus.blogspot.com ;D
Tauna: You'll find more at the blog I posted just above. Of COURSE we can STILL be friends!! LOL!! Glad you had fun at the wedding. If you don't enjoy itm it's NOT worth it! LOL! It's more work than people realize!
Krista: If you need more smiles and laughs (like I usually do, too...) then we should do lunch occasionally... ;D You're AWESOME and I hope things are looking up! (((HUGS)))

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