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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Camping

We had FUN!
OK, So this chipmunk was shot with the 
300mm lens from the door of the trailer.
By the time I got the camera for the moose, 
he was hightailing it out of there.

Of course we brought our OWN WILD animals...
Here's Jake getting his ride on the 4 wheeler!
Yes, this is the hubs driving and "Heartbreaker" holding.  ;D
Then Jazzi got her turn!
And of COURSE adorable Vincent  needed a turn!!
I HAD to enter the above pic into
The Paper Mama
because his expression was SO PERFECT 

Look what a cute mommy "Heartbreaker"is!!
and of course Hubby is a cute Grandpa!!
"Stitch Kid" gets his ride with his FAVORITE sis!!
"Silly Boy" as King of the Hill

I've only downloaded one of the cameras...
ALL images are SOOC
(Straight Out Of Camera)

The only one I was in was too hideous to share. 

As of NOW, Hubby STILL has not made it home!  *sniff*

I left with the dogs and 2 boys. Hubs and "Heartbreaker" were loading up the 4-wheeler, going to dump the tank and head down the road about a half hour behind us. They had problems with the tires on the trailer. Luckily one of the other couples that was up there with us was behind them and able to help. They tried for too long to get things fixed, which on a holiday is NOT an easy task. So what should have taken "Heartbreaker" 2 hours to get home, took her 7!! And that was due to the wife of the other couple bringing her back to our home where her car was so she could get home before midnight so Vincent could get his next feeding of prescription formula that she would have run out of. The husband stayed with Hubby and they have to get the tires fixed tomorrow. Thanks to this awesome couple for their kindness, Vincent got home, fed, and in his bed in plenty of time. Now I pray that things go well with the repair today and they get back in a timely manner. Hubs, "Silly Boy", "Heartbreaker", Vincent, and Hubby's Sis were supposed to head to SoCal to visit hub's brother tomorrow. Hmmm... I'm wondering if that will be postponed a day or 2, now. That's a LONG drive if he's not rested up. In that group, he's the only one that can drive his 1 ton Ram stick shift pulling a trailer. I wouldn't mind him sticking around an extra day.  

Stay tuned...  

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Lolli and Cecily
I know Lolli was doing something a little different this time, but since the camping and 4 wheeling is kind of a summer thing for us, I felt like it still applied.  ;D


Jules said...

Really great photos of many smiles. Looks like a good time. :)

What kind of dog is Jake? He look Carine.

Happy Day, my friend :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Kristina P. said...

Looks like fun! I wish we had 4 wheelers.

Paula said...

Love your pics, they show so much warmth,love and laughs. Hugs to you

Holly said...

Jules: Jake is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Silky Terrier. Jazzi is a Silky. Silkies are basically just a Yorkie that slightly bigger. They are both in desperate need of grooming!! LOL!

Kristina: 1 is fun... 2 would be BETTER! Hehe!! I'll be happy with what I have. ;p "Cpount your blessings......." ;D

Paula: Thanks! It was a good weekend!

Lisa said...

So are you at home, enjoying the peace and quiet? Or are you feeling guilty that you aren't miserable with them? Don't answer that...I already know. Great pictures. I didn't think you were a camper. Love the excited shot! Darling.

Holly said...

Lisa: I actually DID feel bad that there wasn't more I could DO. I told them I would go back and get them. NOPE... I'll probably give "the rest of the story" another day. You're right, I'm not a BIG CAMPING lover!! *sigh* but HE is... so you know how that goes. You know, that man came home, was busy getting ready ALL afternoon (He got home around 3pm) and is STILL heading out to SoCal around 6am!! ???

I agree on the excited shot! I love that BOY!!

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