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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our FICTIONAL OPRAH Stint, Sleep Patterns, Letter, and Carried Over Fears

OK!! This one may have to tide you over till my pre-post for Sunday's Prayer List! So, you can take it all in at once, do one section a day, or just pick what you're interested in and be DONE with it!!  LOL!!
Tell The Truth Thursday
The question this week is :
    Are you a morning, afternoon, evening or night time person? Has it changed over the years??
    I'm going to start with a couple images and see if you can GUESS!! However, if anyone has followed me at all... you likely already KNOW that answer.
(Image created by me from public domain images.)

(Image from Watchmen... 
Yes, Lisa... it's Patrick Wilson in that costume! LOL!!)

Then again, College Boy...  *sigh*
He calls me CREATURE of the NIGHT!
(Image is: Night_creatures_by_niji707 on Deviant art)

In all honesty, I couldn't stomach the whole blood drinking and fierceness thing... So I guess I'd be a pretty LAME CREATURE of THAT nature!! HEY!! Maybe I could be adopted into the Cullen Family as their GRANDMA!  ;p

In case you haven't guessed yet, I am a NIGHT OWL! I mostly always have been. I've frequently tried to fight it (Going to school was a challenge, I worked the day shift starting at 6am for a couple years which was REAL hard... Then switched to graves... which was STILL hard... GAH!) but have found that I actually get MORE SLEEP when I don't. I just sleep when I can, here and there, at odd hours of the day... While others just don't understand and think I'm weird... OK, maybe I AM... but THAT's beside the point. *sigh*   

SURPRISE, this DOES have a name I have found! Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder! It's when your circadian rhythm gets out of WHACK and your nights are your days and vice verse. I did a post on it back in April. I've also done sleep studies and the clinic supposedly working with me is HORRIBLE with follow through... EXCEPT for BILLING, of course!! They didn't even submit it to the insurance... They want us to pay and they haven't even followed up. Supposedly I have severe sleep apnea... So you can all feel sorry for the hubs now... But DON'T... He can fall asleep just thinking it's 10pm and sleep like a ROCK! Yes, I'm jealous of that!  ;p

So WHAT happens when I want to sleep at night? I can be EXHAUSTED and ready to fall asleep... lay down... and BAM!!! My mind races in a million directions. The harder I try to clear my mind, the more directions it goes. I am better to distract my mind doing things that get my mind OFF of everywhere it tries to race. Over the years, there are many things I try that sometimes work for a little bit for a little while. Editing, reading, facebook, blogging, sewing, crafts, TV, and audio books (that I've already READ) on my IPOD. They have to be ones I've already read so I'm not wanting to listen for what happens next. LOL!! And I get too wrapped up in music, so usually that's a no go when I'm trying to sleep... Yes, I take pills, too. With everything I take, my liver should give out within the decade... Right? HAH!

So when you see these early morning posts from me, I likely have not slept YET... Like NOW... Posting after 6 AM... still awake... yeah... (But occasionally it's a scheduled pre-post...) *sigh*  ;D

Mama's Losin' It

This week's assignments are:

1.) Childhood fears you've taken into your adult life.

3.) Why were you mortified?  Write about a true embarrassing moment as though it was happening in slow motion.
(inspired by writingfix.com)
4.) Open letter to a celebrity.
5.) Oprah says we all have a story. If you were on her show, what would your story be? What would you be talking about? What advice would she give you? Write about it and provide a snippet of your interview together.

I chose #s 1, 4, & 5   
Hope SOMETHING holds some interest.  ;D
1. Childhood fears carried into adult life...
Things to put up and shut up about. Trying to be what people WANT me to be and fit into their expectations. I used to be much better at pulling it off. That brings me to part 2 of that... Abandonment, not being good enough... Story of my life. (But not ALL of it!!)  ;p

4.) Open letter to a celebrity.
Dear Patrick Wilson,

I DO adore your down to earth style, sense of family, and multiple talents on the BIG screen as well as on the stage, whether it be a play or musical! You are SO blessed in the talent department in your life. No DOUBT of it!! Oh yes... I also LOVE you beautiful BLUE eyes!

I understand your desire to choose challenging roles that will get you noticed, and that inhibition in your bodily modesty is, well... non-existent... LOL!!  Hmmmm... How do I SAY this?? Due to the FACT that I have a great desire to be supportive in your career and see your talent in action, and since you have definitely been NOTICED, now... Do you think you could start choosing more roles that I could ACTUALLY SEE??? You see, we have a standard that we choose to live by; we don't see anything beyond rated PG-13. (And some of THOSE we won't even let our boys watch...) ANYWAY, there have been MANY a role you've played that I have not been able to see because of their rating and explicit content. Not that it wouldn't be... ummmm.... INTERESTING... I'm SURE! Hehe!! I just get jealous of friends that can rattle off ALL the roles they've seen you in and half of them I was UNABLE to see... Of course you could send me specially EDITED versions of the past ones. Although for a couple that might just erase the whole movie. LOL!!! Your efforts here would be GREATLY appreciated!!

(((HUGS))) and THANKS!!

5. Oprah says we all have a story. If you were on her show, what would your story be? What would you be talking about? What advice would she give you? Write about it and provide a snippet of your interview together. 

Hmmm... Oprah is a little overrated at times... BUT she does do a LOT of GOOD... Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against her, I just think much of the world hangs on her every move... a LOT.  LOL!!

There are many things I could bring up for MY STORY... But if I wanted something GOOD to come out of it and for it to be a life altering experience, I choose: 

Neonatal Adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare genetic disorder that has struck our daughter's family TWICE now! Imagine a young couple having lost a baby (at 16 months) already and facing the same circumstances with their 2nd child. Knowing that your life revolves around this incredible child and that he can/will be taken from you at any time. (They were told his life expectancy not to go beyond 16 months. He turned 2 in May!) They are the most loving, attentive, incredible parents you could imagine and it breaks our hearts that they are facing this again.

Above is Sweet Whitney Sept '05 - Jan '07
Below is adorable Vincent
I took this shot on his #2 birthday!
He is now 28 months!  ;D
Link to video clip she just took with her phone in the store the other day and posted to her blog.
You can follow his story closely there.  ;D

There are fertility procedures that can be done, where her eggs are combined with his sperm and tested for the genes before being implanted. This will cost a fortune that they nor we have. However, they ARE Trying to save for it. They call it their baby fund.

Oprah would introduce us. Of course Heartbreaker would have Goofball and Vincent WITH her so everyone could see how sweet and adorable they are... And of course Goofball would have to make some funny faces and comments... (He and Cheeseboy would get along REAL WELL!!!) Oprah would ask them to tell everyone about their situation. They would do that, complete with tear inducing video and memoirs of Whitney. They would show how adorable Vincent giggles and responds to them! (I guess I'd just be a tag along... Smile and WAVE... Smile and wave...)

Oprah would tell them that she had her team do some research. They have searched high and low and came up with the best geneticists available in the world. To promote awareness for this rare illness, they have chosen them to do the fertilization testing and procedure at no cost. They also have some medications that are showing great results in prolonging life to those that already have the disorder and they would like to use Vincent in the clinical trials. Of course they would want to follow their story throughout and check in every 6 months on the progress.

Now THAT would have me devoting a little more time to the idiot box in honor of Oprah Time!! Hey!! I can even catch it in the middle of the night when they replay it on channel 2!  LOL!! BONUS!!



Mandi Miller said...

I'm so sorry your daughter is going through this! It would be awesome if they really could get on Oprah and receive some financial help. I don't watch Oprah but I would watch that!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, wow, Holly, I had no idea. I hope Oprah is listening!

And I am a total night owl too!

Lisa said...

Geez, I am so sorry about your daughter's trial. I hope something comes up in research soon.

Knew you were a night owl. I think Oprah is progressively worse every year, bless her pandering heart. I'm sorry about your worry over abandonment. I don't think we can every truly appreciate what an impact is made on children with or without loving and committed parents. The world would make light of divorce and dissolving families, but we know better. Love you and have fun camping!

Jules said...

I'm tearing up just reading about your daughter. I can only imagine (no I can't) how you feel. I will go ahead with my prayers and not wait until Sunday.

Well to be honest I just hate to sleep period. I wander a lot, probably because I do not sleep :)

Peace my friend you are such a sweet person and I'm so glad I found you. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Lori said...

You know...you just never know. Oprah may just do a story on this and somehow reach out to offer financial help. It's so worth trying, and if you don't you'll never know.

It's interesting to read about how little sleep you can function on. Some nights I totally toss and turn and then the next day I'm so useless. When I was younger I totally used to be a night owl. It's funny how things have changed for me as I got older. I do have a ton on my plate though now, so I'm sure that adds to it.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and little one.

Kaelin said...

I hope Oprah is listening - sending prayers your way!

eof777 said...

Sending you prayers and healing light for your daughter... Hope Oprah finds this and helps. I can relate to your night owl habits too...I am one. I stopped by from RedHead Riter's Tell The Truth Thursday and MamaKat's Writer's Workshop to support you. Do stop by my blog and say hello too!

Paula said...

Cant imagine how they feel. I admire their strength and love.
Sorry for not being around very often. Intense trauma therapy with 35h per week is taking its toll.
Hugs and love across the pond to you and yours.

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