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Monday, September 27, 2010

SHOES... the comfortable Kind!!

1.  How many TV’s do you have in your home?
2.  What is on your bedside table (nightstand)?
3.  How many pair of shoes do you own?
4.  Can you change a flat tire?
5.  Do you prefer sweet treats or salty treats?

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My Answers!

1.  How many TV's do you have in your home?
    7... BUT not all used for the purpose of WATCHING TV

  • one is used as a computer monitor for my hubby (when he got it and it was bigger than the one we had for WATCHING TV, I threatened to trade them... 
  • SO... that brings us to the one in our family room that is used for watching TV!!
  • There is one in the guest room
  • The one from our room that NEVER got used but gets moved around... such as when we go camping, when the boys are fighting over what to watch, sometimes we'll put that one in another room... Used for DVDs, as it's not hooked up.
  • Then there's one in the basement only used for their game console (Not hooked up)
  • I have a mini TV (7") that I put next to the computer so I can edit and watch something at the same time if I want to. (Antenna only)
  • one is actually a projector/screen in our theater we use for watching movies

 2.  What is on your bedside table (nightstand)?
       Lamp, earrings, hair-band, coaster, empty glass that once had water in it... Whatever clutter I empty out of my pockets before dropping them at the side of the bed... (Won't catch me escaping fires without MY drawers on!! LOL!)

3.  How many pairs of shoes do you own?
     WOW!! I don't even KNOW!! From what I come up with... 20! Too many... and yet... NOT enough!! BWAHAHAHA!!! I was introduced to New Balance by my doctor when we discovered my issues with plantar fasciitis. They made such a HUGE difference!! I would gladly have New Balance in every color... and style!! But I have to admit I do love my Sketchers that I got for dressing up, though!! If you know me, you can probably tell that I am usually more concerned with comfort than being up on the latest fashions. ;p
These I was SO excited about because they had the BLACK N so I could wear them on photo shoots with my black slacks without it being too obvious that I'm wearing SNEAKERS!! But having Plantar Fasciitis makes wearing dress shoes SO PAINFUL... and even MORE SO when it's OVER. GAH!! So THESE were a GODSEND!!

I have New Balance also in 
brown, tan, & white with blue N...
I was excited when I found these Sketchers! I'm an overweight shorty with plantar fasciitis. A little lift, with support and comfort all came together nicely here. I bought these in black and cream colors. So usually this is what you'll see on my feet at church.
These aren't too bad comfort-wise and better for our cruise;
but I wish they were COMPLETELY black...

These are adorable on, 
but I can't handle them for any length of time.

My daughter thinks these are HORRENDOUS and POINTY TOES are OUT!! But when I'm in my slacks or a long skirt and it's cold/snowy out, they work for me. Like I said, I'm not THAT in to staying up on the latest fashion... to HER dismay... *sigh*
I also have 6 pairs (white, black, hot pick, 3 brown... LOL!) of sandals, a pair of clogs, and off white wedges that I don't really wear anymore because I slip in them too much and they make my toes go numb?? What about slippers??? I have 3 pairs of THOSE!! HAH!!

You know the adorable knee high boots that are so popular??? Yeah! I got some!! ONLINE... Thinking I KNOW my size... Well, foot part was fine but I couldn't get them zipped up!! HOW EMBARRASSING is THAT???? So they are GONE and I'll have to look for a good deal on boots that are WIDE WIDTH!! BOO!!!
If you KNOW your size by trying on or owning a brand, there is 6pm.com, an AWESOME discount online store that has some FANTASTIC buys at times!! They do have some other items, too. You can sign up for their newsletter and they'll send a heads up on their deals!!

4. Can you change a flat tire?
I have a CLUE how to and would 

5.  Do you prefer sweet treats or salty treats?
     It depends on what I'm craving... 
I love both more than I should... OBVIOUSLY!!


kalea_kane said...

I loved just looking at your shoes! I have a pair of black Sketchers that I wear in the office. I love them because they are so comfy, but no one notices that they are sneaks. :)

Happy Monday


Wendy said...

I have huge, huge humungous calves, so I battle to get boots, especially if they're not stretchy material as they simply don't zip up ... I celebrate whenever I find a pair that slip over my calves if they are not stretchy - guess how many times thats happened? Once! Once, in 44 years, this past winter I got a pair of boots that were plain. lol ... cause for celebration

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I only have 20 pairs of shoes too! Times 4.

Jules said...

Your shoes :) I couldn't walk in half of them. Flat, fat, flat and then I own flip flops.

I can change a flat tire and I prefer my sweet and salty together @ the same time :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Hanna said...

Hi there. I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Lovely blog:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

Karen Peterson said...

We only have 2 TVs in our house. It causes some issues. We really could use another DVR...

I love Skechers. And those black ones are cute!

Kristin said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

Cherie said...

Holly I am so glad you came over to visit me because I actually was going to come visit you.
I have been on all the girls blogs - Kyann, Jackie, Lisa, etc...and I visit all those ladies but I did not know your blog so you were already on my list to visit (wink!).
I am now YOUR newest follower! So great to meet you :-)

amy said...

shoes that I wear regularly - 6. shoes in my closet - at least 20.

Very fun post. Always fun getting to know more about you.

Holly said...

Been a busy day... It was so fun to open up to your comments!!
Kristina: Is that ALL??? ONLY about 80??!!?? LOL!! My hubby needs to count his blessings!! ;p
Karen: I WISH we had a DVR!!! We have only the most basic of cable. I am truly MISSING Lifetime, USA, HGTV... Let's just say that the choice of our package was NOT MINE. GAH!! I got those sketchers at 6pm.com and I LOVE them!! They don't have the cream colred ones anymore, but they have them in black and brown. Hmmm.... Maybe I need to get some BROWN ones!! ;D
Cherie: Great to MEET you, too!! ;D
Amy: I have a son addicted to that cake!! I told him I can't make it THAT MUCH!! LOL!! He made me PROMISE to make it for his birthday. HAH!! Hope he doesn't mind frozen berries! His birthday is in December. ;D

Thanks for stopping by!! (((HUGS)))

Kristin said...

are the skechers comfortable enought for me to stand in most of the day and teach piano. They are adorable and I am searching for a cute shoe that would go with about anything.

Also love the brown heels, I need those!

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