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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2010


I have to say I was so HAPPY when I took hubby his lunch and went to vote in the primaries. They ACTUALLY ASKED me for ID and while LOOKING at that ID asked me to verify my address!!! YAY!! We're making a little PROGRESS!! *sigh* That has always IRKED me in the past. Hubby frequently works as an election judge and in the past they were NOT ALLOWED to ask for ID! HOW WARPED is THAT... That was the invitation for fraud... VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN... Use different names of  deceased individuals or ones that moved, at different polling stations... If you THINK that DIDN'T HAPPEN, Pull your head out of the sand.  At ANY RATE, I am SO GLAD for this move in the right direction!!

OK, I will not TELL ANYONE how to VOTE, but if you DON'T VOTE, you have no right to complain about what goes on in politics. Things are getting UGLY and we are losing representation of the PEOPLE because of the APATHY!! People figure their vote does NOT count and don't go. I can see where people feel that way, at times. But HEY!! When there are SO MANY that feel that way, it adds up to A LOT and leaves more room for the frauds to manipulate things. I'm not saying you can't complain if the person you voted for starts screwing up... but don't complain if YOU REFUSE to DO your part! You HAVE to VOTE!!

Primaries MATTER!! If the BEST person for the job doesn't make it to the end ballot because people didn't VOTE in the primaries, then you will NOT get the best person IN the POSITION!!

I am also a firm believer in ONLY making an educatedvote. You CAN cast a ballot without voting for everything that is put before you!! If you are not familiar with the race and what each person stands for... as in WHO represents what YOU want to see HAPPEN, do NOT cast a vote in THAT section!! DON'T cast your vote by who has the most signs out or sounds more familiar!! This is NOT a POPULARITY contest. These people are SUPPOSED to REPRESENT the PEOPLE! I could care LESS who has more charm and charisma, is better looking, has the most money to advertise more (or BASH MORE as is frequently the case...), who has the BIGGER FAMILY NAME, etc... KNOW what they STAND FOR and KNOW that is what YOU stand for! Same thing with the ISSUES... If you do NOT understand it, LEAVE that section BLANK!! PLEASE!! For the sake of those that work so hard to pass or fight an issue for the GOOD, if you just vote a way because someone TOLD you to, without KNOWING what it stands for and the effect on the community and individuals involved, SKIP that PART. It all is fine and dandy to say YES, it might be NICE to give X project $$$ for _____... But then consider WHERE that money will come from, IS that money THERE? Just as you have to should prioritize your home budget, there HAS to be BALANCE. REMEMBER, money DOESN'T grow on the trees... 

Some may read this and think, "Gee, this crazy person is telling me to VOTE, then tells me NOT to VOTE... WTH???" I am NOT! I am saying VOTE! But do it INTELLIGENTLY! USE your BRAIN in the process. VOTE on the things you can make an EDUCATED VOTE on. Leave blank the things you are clueless of! 

When an elected official does a poor job in office, you often feel powerless. 
DO what you CAN!! 


Lisa said...

Yup. I remember reading this post, and totally agreeing with you. Well said, chick. Well said.

Kristina P. said...

I couldn't agree more! I am a big proponent of voting.

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