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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Awareness AWARDS: Driving/Dinking/Texting-Herpes Kills-Bipolar-Down's Syndrome

Due to the LENGTH of combining the award and regular hop, I decided to split it up and see how that goes for a bit. I welcome any suggestions.  ;D
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This week we have 2 concerning driving choices that could alter lives forever... NOT in a GOOD way!!
Karen from A Peek at Karen's World shows how critical one poor choice to get behind the wheel under the influence. Here she's talking about drinking, but this definitely would also apply to drugs (recreationsl OR PRESCRIPTION...)! Karen is quite an accomplished writer and depicts this problem well!! Here's her post to promote her cause: "Another Cautionary Tale of Driving Drunk" 
Next we have "Tin" (Not sure if she wanted me to use her REAL name or not, so I'm using her profile name) from Shig and Tin! She has 

decided to join Oprah's "No Phone Zone."  You can grab the widget at this site to promote this cause, but at LEAST, please go sign the PLEDGE!! 

Here is a HARSH REALITY CHECK that I personally feel should be shown in every Driver's Education class... and I had to sign in to verify I'm older than 18 to view it. UGH!!They figure it's too graphic and scary! Teens NEED TO SEE IT, too!! People (because ADULTS are just as guilty...) think they are invincible and that it can't happen to THEM... HELLOOOOOOooooo....!!!! And may I add... it's not JUST phones, but a whole myriad of distractions... eating, changing the radio/DVD... grabbing something that slipped... yelling at kids... The things you CAN control, DO IT! The things you can't, keep your priority on the road and tune OUT the distractions. Just a couple seconds DOES make a difference!! 

Remember Teri from The Bipolar Diva? (Featured on last week's Awareness Post) How about her daughter Karli from A Bipolar Princess? (Featured on the Ongoing Prayer List on Sunday) ?? They have an IMPORTANT CAUSE!! HERPES can KILL!! Teri's post on this will break your heart. There are precautions that can be taken if one is aware of the infection. The birth father never gave her a clue that he had the virus and Karli displayed no symptoms and was unaware. Her beautiful baby, Isaiah only lived 12 weeks.

WHAT precautions can be taken to help avoid this of happening?? The baby needs to be born by C-section to reduce the risk of transmission to the baby and it needs to be treated with Acyclovir by IV. There are other precautions that can be taken during pregnancy. So the birth father not being forthright about his condition was pure negligence. So I guess you could say this is 2-fold... If you're going to have sex and have an STD, you should take precautions against transmitting AND inform your partner of the possible RISK. If it is discovered after, inform partner immediately so precautions CAN be taken during the pregnancy and during birth.

This is something that has not only affected the mom and grandmother, but all of their family and friends! Isaiah would be turning 7 this fall. This is an ESPECIALLY hard time of year for them, 

ESPECIALLY Karli! She describes it well in A Season of Pain.

I am adding another important point here!! I deal with cold sores. FREQUENT cold sores!! Guess what I learned when I was having babies?? Cold sores are a form of the Herpes Virus!!! My #2 child gets them frequently, too! He was 6 and had one when #3 was born and they told him he had to wash his hands constantly and wear a mask... If I got a tingle of it coming, so would I. They said it can even be deadly to an infant coming from a cold sore! SO you definitely want to share this information and avoid the kind of heartbreak it can cause as Teri and Karli know TOO WELL.

I encourage you to visit both posts but ask that you only send positive and uplifting comments to them...

has been going through major struggles with his bipolar. He loves poetry and could use some encouragement from time to time. One thing that people need to remember is that BIPOLAR has a WIDE spectrum and effects people in different ways and degrees. So judging people by a label is as inaccurate as one can get. 

The disorder has been subdivided into bipolar Ibipolar IIcyclothymia, and other types, based on the nature and severity of mood episodes experienced; the range is often described as the bipolar spectrum.

Lily's Life is GREAT! ...and Lily has Down's Syndrome...
Lily touches the lives of all who know her!!

Interview questions asked of Lily October 2008

Do you have a disability? No

Do you have Down syndrome? Yep I do

What is Down syndrome? Me

Is Down syndrome bad to have? No


Here she is ACTING!!
Click on the link to her blog and see more!

Having had our lives touched by special needs children, I can attest to the fact that they make us better people!!
Thanks to all of these great people that have shared their causes!! I hope you'll find someone to pass the award on to so we can keep spreading awareness for great causes!! 

Give these individuals a visit and help support their causes!!

Share your cause!! 
That Linky is always available on the Awareness Page!!
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Karli said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for raising awareness for me and my family. I know that Isaiah is in a much better place now with no pain, no tears and no fear. So, even if just one single baby's life is saved by Isaiah's message I know that our pain and my son's life was for a purpose. I tried to follow your blog a few weeks ago on my phone, but it didn't work. So, I used my computer this time and it worked! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

beloved Mama said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I added my link to your link up, but I'm not seeing it show up for some reason... hmmm... I have added your Wednesday cause button to my post. Thanks so much!

Cherie said...

Alot of great info in this post. There is so much going on out there in our world. I am focused especially on the texting and driving thing right now. It is so dangerous and they are passing laws in our state with big fines for people who do get caught texting and driving.

The Bipolar Diva said...

Thank you! You rock!!

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