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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AWARENESS WEDNESDAY: Breast Cancer Awareness

It's time to GO PINK!!
October is
This links to the official page where there is 
SO MUCH information to help you learn!
Mr Linky dedicated to this cause at bottom! 
Thank you Beloved Mama for bringing this to my attention with her post talking about the experience someone in their family had!
None of this AWARENESS does any good unless women actually do their personal monthly exams and get their regular mammograms!! Just passing around a ribbon is NOT enough.
They have another article that debunks myths
and another talking about signs your doctor shouldn't ignore.
The main Award post was yesterday because of the length these posts were getting. LOL! Let me know of any suggestions you may have.  ;D
This hop is intended for real causes. (Please
don't make up silly or vulgar things to diminish the 
importance of causes that hit home to so many.) 
This should be concerning something you are
passionate about to help educate others in a cause
to make the world a better place,
create understanding, rally support, etc...
*Let's please keep it family friendly, too. Thanks!

*When you link, please start your caption with what your cause is.  ;D
  • Grab the button on the sidebar:

Write your post: Tell us about your cause, educate the world about it, let the world know how they can help in the cause. Remember that not everyone will be as passionate as you are about a given cause, but you will help others have a better understanding and will also find others to jump in and offer support to you and/or your cause.
  • Link up your post to share with others. Feel free to grab the linky and post to your page, also. Let's get the word out and start making the world a better place, one post at a time!
  • Be considerate of others causes. Don't post negative comments, attack individuals or groups. THUMPER'S THEORY APPLIES: "If you can't say something nice (supportive, constructive, etc...) don't say anything at all.
  • Make new friends, learn about things that are affecting other people's lives, become allies... You may find some dear friends by following others and showing support for their causes! Find at least a few to follow each time and help spread the news to your followers! 

*These can be different causes each time. Many people have various things they are passionate about or would like to open others eyes to.

JR of Things We Share has a hop to link all breast cancer awareness posts!
"October is breast cancer awareness month. As a health care worker, I see and dealt a lot of patients even friends going through the battle of breast cancer. This month I would like to join the pink ribbon challenge. Just click the pink ribbon to help one woman save life by getting free  mammogram. If you  may join with me and pass the pink ribbon challenge. These links are ONLY for "Pink Ribbon Challenge" participants, any links not related to the Pink Ribbon Challenge will be deleted.  Grab the code at Things We Share and post it in your blog entry. Please post only the Pink Ribbon Challenge actual post link  here and  help The Breast Cancer Site and National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. by spreading  the Pink Ribbon Challenge."

Back when I first began this hop, Diane linked in to stress how important early detection is! She tells her survival story at Survivor Diane and is certainly worth the read. Her current post also has MUCH valuable information!! I am nearly 41 and have never had a mammogram. Diane challenged ME to DO IT!! I had an appointment with my doc and are in the process of getting approval for the preferred location to have the referral sent to. So I am in the process of getting that done! I will try to complete that challenge this month and will report back to ALL of you!! I challenge ALL of you to do the things that are necessary and follow through and take every precaution to detect cancer early enough to survive it!
EVERYONE that does a breast cancer awareness post and links it to her hop is eligible for the Award of Awareness. I hope you'll pass it along to keep spreading awareness. This Link will get posted on the Awareness Page along with the Awareness Wednesday Linky. If your cause is breast cancer, link to JR's hop and all other causes link to the Awareness Wednesday Hop. When you do your Awarding to others post, link it to the AWARD hop... All of these linkys are available on the Awareness Page. Grab the AWARD button from the upper sidebar.  
Thanks for participating and spreading AWARENESS, one post at a time!  ;D  

Mama's Losin' It


Jennifer said...

Thank you for following my blog! I'm now following you too. ;)

I watched my MIL fight breast cancer. Unfortunately we lost her in 2001. I pray that they find a cure for these terrible disease, and that I never have to witness a loved one, or anyone, go through that again!

Thank you for sharing in the awareness!

Jennifer @ http://justpeachyindixie.blogspot.com

Jules said...

As you know I already wear a ribbon on my blog. A friend is dying from breast cancer. Please keep up the lovely work you do here. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Lisa said...

I'm going totally surface here and saying how beautiful your picture is in pink. But beyond that, my Aunt has battled breast cancer, and come out on the right side. But oh, how hard the struggle was. Nothing I wish for. Also have a dear friend who has had a brain tumor AND breast cancer in the last two years. So unfair. But what a woman she is. Thanks for the post.

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