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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Well This Just BURNS My COOKIES!! Literally! ;p

When you DEPEND on your programs and computer to work properly to accomplish tasks that need to get done, when you don't have the tools you need it can be QUITE FRUSTRATING!!

I have been dealing with my computer (2007) not doing well with the larger files and editing program working well together. We finally broke down and bought a new computer. We had it built with the best processor, hard drive space, with an additional hard drive... It has Windows 7 so we don't have to deal with Vista CRAP, anymore... The last few days we've been doing all kinds of things trying to get the program to work. Yesterday, we finally discovered that you have to DEACTIVATE from the other computer.... Fast forward to hooking up the OTHER computer again and deactivating... UNINSTALLING from the new on... Reinstalling it... STILL doesn't work!! Does the SAME thing! GAH!! (Can you FEEL my frustration... OK, so I'm having a little rant here...) We go to the website and do online CHAT with a TECH SERVICE (I use that term VERY LOOSELY) woman, likely in the middle east, and clueless. (Don't give me hate comments, I'm not saying people in the middle east are clueless... but THIS WOMAN IS!!) EVERYTHING we would say she'd type "just a minute" I envisioning her copy and pasting everything we typed into a program that would give her a response to copy and paste back... After a LONG TIME and trying MANY things... and it still not working... "Just a minute"... SEVERAL minutes later we get" CS3 is not compatible with Windows 7. You need to upgrade to CS5. Full edition is $999 and you can upgrade your CS3 for ONLY $349... WHAT the HE!!???? No freaking patch to fix the compatibility problems after ALL the money we already FORKED OUT for CS3??? So for the moment, I'm T.I.C.K.E.D!!! 

SO what are my OPTIONS??? I can get a STUDENT version for $199 and there are a hundred hoops to jump through for that... So, I'd have to USE my children for that one. They DON'T allow for Hew York Institute of Photography... It HAS to be an institution that offers a minimum of a 2 YR Degree! SO, do I USE College boy, Jr High Stitch Kid, or Elementary Silly Boy???  No matter WHAT I do, I have to WAIT AGAIN for the program to arrive... AAAHHHH!!!

It really makes me mad that I'd even have to pay THAT... We just paid over $1200 for just my CPU to RUN the program!! I have known for a LONG time that I don't charge enough for my services... This just magnified it 10 FOLD! I'm a HORRIBLE BUSINESS person... THAT will have to be a different post.  *sigh*

THIS is what happened in the mean time:
There was a little bit of cookie dough left in a container in the fridge from cookies I made about a week ago. I'd thought it would be good to just cook them up and the fam could enjoy them... I grabbed the small casserole dish and just pressed the leftover dough into the bottom evenly and popped it in the oven.  Yeah... I got sidetracked and TOTALLY SPACED it! The cookies are BLACK (and NOW OUTSIDE) and both doors and windows are WIDE OPEN in SPITE of the cold... The house now REAKS! BLEH!!
You want to know, WHAT was I thinking?!? This is exactly what I was thinking, "What's that burny smell?" I was sniffing near the new CPU and outlet... then it clicked... "OH CRAP!! The cookies!!" I think they were about to IGNITE! Imagine cookies baking for OVER an HOUR!! *sigh* Hubby would  have probably had me institutionalized... LOL!! (OK, not really...)  I guess if I decide to bake anything at night while goofing around AGAIN, I should set it to shut off with a timer JUST IN CASE!  *sigh*  

WHAT's NEXT???   ;p
I am NOT looking forward to cleaning this out!!
Go ahead, CLICK it and look at it BIGGER!!
NOT a pretty picture... *sigh*


Kristina P. said...

Wow, that's not a little burned. You could start a campfire with those things!

Paula said...

What you do, you do 100%

Suzie said...

Holly I was reading and getting frustrated just as I was reading because I have Vista and hate it! Just got it back from the geek squad still not working
BUT THEN I saw your cookies and burst out laughing!
Thanks :-)

P.S. thank you so much for talking with Kenny that means the world to me. <3

Tin said...

At least you didn't burn popcorn, burnt popcorn smells a lot worse than burnt cookies. See a bright side to everything.

amy said...

Oh my goodness that is so frustrating. I have cs3 and I keep meaning to install it on my win 7 but I guess I won't bother. I'll have to use my 2nd grader for the $199 :)

Great job on the cookies, holy cow, I did the same once with Amish bread. 3 hours later it was a smelly brick. Good luck with the cleaning of that pan. :)

The Local Cook said...

that totally sounds like how my week went a couple of weeks ago! Hang in there.

amy said...

PS :) you can download the 30 day trial version of Photoshop and order your education version and activate at the end of your 30 days - then you don't have to wait to edit. :)

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh not a good week...Blah!
Those cookies are pretty darn burnt.
Computers are just frustrating - even more so if you have to deal with people over the phone.
Sending you a big {{{hug}}} and an "I hope it gets better!!".

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