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Thursday, October 7, 2010

GROSS is in the Tongue or Stomach of the Beholder! ;p

What is the grossest thing you've eaten? 
All images from GOOGLE IMAGES
I searched "public domain" so I hope I'm not stepping on toes...
People actually look at this and think 
"YUM!"  ????
My knee jerk reaction is "BLEH!"
Followed by gagging and heaving...
I'm not just grossed out by how slimy, creepy and crawly they are, I actually have an allergic reaction and become violently sick to my stomach. I have to ask if it's chicken or tuna in these sandwiches that are served at so many events. YES! They are tasty little morsels... The problem is, they taste the same to me... If it's tuna... I will soon be embarrassed.  But seriously... HOW CAN YOU LOOK at this and think YUM??? *GAG* HEAVE* BLEH!*

Here's a not so funny story... to ME... 
Everyone else seemed to find it amusing.  ;p  
 When I had my fancy dinner with all the cheerleaders that made it with the previous ones, advisors and parents... I had an experience. I think my mom must have been working, because she wasn't there. My step-jerk went with me. We didn't really go out much, we were on quite a tight budget... so I wasn't that familiar with many foods in a nice restaurant... I wasn't sure what many things were. I asked him what halibut was because the picture looked good, kind of like veal Parmesan... He looked at it and ASSuming it was all in my head, told me it was a breaded steak. I proceeded to order it. Soon after I was running to the bathroom, loudly hurling and heaving that extended beyond the walls of my echoing tomb... where I wished I WOULD DIE rather than come out and face the world again! Yeah... I heard about that one ALL YEAR!! (The other thing I was teased relentlessly about that year will have to be a whole new post! HAH!) Me? BITTER?? WHY would you think THAT??

My punny Honey LOVES to say,
"I'm on a seafood diet...
I only eat what I can SEE!"
I don't think I can count how many times 
I've heard him say it...
 Yet, I still chuckle.
 I think THAT's WHY he chose ME! 

What do you eat that other people would think is gross?
As for me??
(Yes, I HAVE been with him for 13 years, ya' know!)
Mushrooms on and IN EVERYTHING!!
My older sister has the same reaction to mushrooms as I have to seafood. So of course I have to be cruel and SHOW her the mushroom, put it in my mouth, close my eyes and say, "MMMMMmmmmmMMMM!!!!!  I LOVE sauteed mushrooms on my steak... on the side, whatever... Mushrooms on my pizza, in my casseroles, in my spaghetti sauce... And anyone who's followed me at all KNOWS MY FAVORITE!!!
(This pic IS MINE... LOL!)
(Linked to the recipe on my kitchen blog...)
DON'T DENY that this looks YUM!!!!  ;p

The Redhead Riter does this challenge weekly 
Click on over if you'd like to play along!  ;D
I love this quote that she posted on her challenge!

Tell The Truth Thursday


Jules said...

The Redhead is awesome. I loved those mushrooms you made. Me, I'll eat anything once. :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Kristina P. said...

Chicken hearts are pretty nasty. I do love seafood AND mushrooms!!

The Redhead Riter said...

Thank you Holly and Jules for the sweet sentiments!

I checked the Linky Tools problem and posted the message that they will be down for a few days and to come back Saturday to post the link :o) Thanks for participating!!!!

Lisa said...

We're polar opposites on this one, Hol. But that's okay, as long as our spirits and hearts beat as one. Yeah, hate mushrooms, love much seafood. But not all. Like not octopus or eel. I do have standards, you know. :) My hubbie loves mushrooms on everything, too. They're slimy to me...but I don't think I'd heave them out.

Lori said...

I'm totally with you on all of that fish stuff...YUCK! I don't eat fish because I'm a vegetarian but I totally love mushrooms and I cook with them often. I'll have to check out your stuffed mushroom recipe minus the pork.

Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

I am a sushi lover and some of those pictures are scary:)


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